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**Tuesday Restoring Balance Luncheon
Tuesday 25th October 12 noon?1 pm

***Reflective Practice Sessions for SLT
Wednesday 26th October October 26, 2016 (W) 7:30 to 9:00 AM

Bonfires and Illuminations: Lunch with the Artist John Sager
Thursday 27th October Oct 27 (Th) 12-1pm

Tackling Soft Addictions
Thursday 27th October Oct 27 (Th) 6:30?8:30 pm

Halloween Labyrinth Walk
Friday 28th October Oct 28 (F) 6:30?7:30 pm

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Halloween Labyrinth Walk

"We spend lifetimes 'looking for' our spiritual path as if it is something lost that we must find--we seek, rather than recognize that we are always on a spiritual journey.  The light for illuminating the path already burns within you." -Eschner Hogan, The Way of the Winding Path: A Map for the Labyrinth of Life
Join us as the sun sets on the Friday evening before Halloween for this unique meditative walk at one of Austin’s most evocative labyrinths: a one of a kind 7-circuit medieval labyrinth built among the live oak trees of a small forest. In addition to walking this sacred path--illuminated by candlelight and the rising moon--we will explore how the labyrinth clears the mind and gives insight into the spiritual journey, how it urges action, calms us in the throes of life transitions, helps us to see our lives in the context of a path, a pilgrimage; and how it sparks the imagination, enlivens the intuitive part of our nature, and stirs within the human heart the longing for connectedness and the remembrance of our purpose for living.
Will Fiorello, MA, Veriditas® Trained and Certified Labyrinth Facilitator

Mystic Heart Wisdom School - Information Session
Please join us for a catered information session regarding The Seton Cove's Mystic heart Wisdom School!
The Mystic Heart Wisdom School is a year-long spiritual formation program that builds on the Core Curriculum of Seton Cove and provides an in-depth study of the Wisdom Tradition. This tradition, also known as the Perennial Philosophy, is the core synthesis of religious thought from the world’s great religions.

The Power of Solitude in a World of Ambiguity: Annual Contemplative Retreat in Tucson
"Solitude acquaints us with ourselves and with what we really think and deeply feel." - Joan Chittister

In this four day contemplative retreat at the Redemptorist Center
for Renewal in the Sonoran Desert in Tucson, Arizona we will explore how time spent in solitude and silence can help us come to terms with the ambiguity and paradoxes of our lives. According to William Deresiewcz the pervasiveness of social media has made solitude nearly impossible for many people. He warns that
"no real excellence, personal or social, artistic, philosophical, scientific, or moral, can arise without solitude. . . . You cannot hear God
when people are chattering at you." Joan Chittister agrees. In her new book, Between the Dark and the Daylight, she discusses the necessity of solitude to embrace the contradictions of life.