Leadership Pilgrimage: A Program for Visionary Leaders


As a business professional, we know your responsibilities often feel insurmountable. We understand how many plates you spin to lead your employees, your families, and your lives well. We also know that in order to lead effectively and authentically, you need space to find spiritual depth and centeredness. The Seton Cove is an interfaith spirituality Center offering retreats and seminars designed to guide you into a more vivid self-awareness and spiritual maturity. Our Leadership Pilgrimage is a culmination of three retreats that allows you to work on your personal identity, find the centeredness you crave and strengthen your leadership development.

What is the Leadership Pilgrimage?

In this year-long program, leaders from various company sizes and all walks of faith, have the opportunity to slow down and access the “inner ways of knowing” essential to effective leadership. These “inner ways of knowing” allow you to lead both creatively and wholeheartedly, avoiding burnout and managing the line internal values and external responsibilities. The pilgrimage provides time for individual reflection and group discussion from the presented material including personal stories, contemporary thinkers, wisdom tradition, and experiential exercises.  By the end of your pilgrimage, you will better understand the qualities of contemplative mindfulness, how to lead from a balanced place, and how the mind, body, and spirit work within you.

Is The Leadership Pilgrimage For Me?

If your schedule does not provide the opportunity for rest and renewal, this program is for you. Each retreat gives you space and time to “renew your spirit and revitalize your understanding and practice of leadership.” As a leader, you understand the value in your own centeredness. The seasons when you feel most connected to your spirituality are most likely the seasons you are most effective as a leader. The Leadership Pilgrimage confirms the gifts you bring to your leadership and aims to strengthens your identity and integrity so that you can lead authentically. As you grow in your commitment to contemplative practices, you will lead from within rather than lead from external circumstances. This program teaches you the skills you need for spiritual depth and mindfulness.

When is The Leadership Pilgrimage?

The 2019 Leadership Pilgrimage is a series of three retreats that take place on February 7-9, 2019, June 6-8, 2019, and September 12-14 at Canyon of the Eagles. Located in the Texas Hill Country, this retreat center is far enough away to help you disconnect from the hustle of normal life, yet still easily accessible. Each retreat will begin on Thursday and end on Saturday afternoon. It’s important that you take time away to renew your spirit without sacrificing your entire weekend.

If you desire to be challenged, inspired, and celebrated in your call to leadership, register for the Leadership Pilgrimage today. You can find more information about this unique program here. If you have questions, contact us at 512-451-0272.