Join the French Pilgrimage


Paris is a magnificent city filled with art, architecture, delicious food, and a quieter way of living. We have much to learn from the history seeped in Paris’ rich culture. Seton Cove invites you to join us as we experience Paris, not as tourists, but as pilgrims—fully opening ourselves to the journey as a whole. Our time abroad will challenge you to gain a deeper understanding of the Sacred within you as you explore that which is Sacred in your fellow travelers and the art that surrounds the city of Paris. Poetry, history, wisdom teachings, and spiritual practices will be included in your daily exploration of the city, creating a unique and profound pilgrimage.

An Overview of the Pilgrimage

The goal of this experience is to find your true self through the art and soul of Paris. Your spiritual guides will be Patricia Speier and Carl McQueary who will lead you on a six-day journey to the most breathtaking and enlightening places in Paris. The pilgrimage includes a visit to the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Basilica of the Sacre-Coeur, and the Chapel of the Miraculous Medal. We will also journey to Chartres, Paris to see the beautiful Chartres Cathedral. One evening, our group will attend a concert at Sainte Chapelle and experience the sacred sounds of music. Guided tours at the Musee Picasso and Musee d’Orsay will open our eyes to marvelous artistry and French history. During the pilgrimage, we will travel to Giverny, home to the infamous Monet house and gardens. After an excursion to Paris Orangerie Museum to see Monet’s mural of the water lilies, we’ll walk through the garden, immersing ourselves in Monet’s inspiration. Sprinkled throughout our guided time together, you will have independent free time to explore the museums and the city itself. Many afternoons and evenings consist of independent meal times so that you can enjoy the cafes and patisseries that appeal to you.

About your Spiritual Guides

Patricia Speier is the Executive Director at Seton Cove and the Director for Formation of Ascension Health. She is passionate about using writing and literature to develop spiritual growth. Speier graduated from Perkins School of Theology in 2008 with a DMin. She has studied spirituality at the Pecos Benedictine Monastery and at Integral Spirituality. Her vast knowledge makes her an excellent spiritual director, teacher, and retreat facilitator.

Carl McQueary served as Mission Integration Coordinator, communicator, and archivist at Seton Healthcare Family for 15 years. McQueary received his Master’s Degree in Museum Science from Baylor University and is a sought-after guide for the Sacred sites in both the United States and France. He is a private-curator who is passionate about marrying history, art, and spirituality to establish the true self.

More Information About the Pilgrimage

Dates: September 15-22, 2019

Cost: $4,995, leaving from Austin, Texas, based on double occupancy

Registration Forms: Register Here

Visit our website, for more information about the French Pilgrimage. If you have questions, contact Sharmila Advani at (512) 451-0272. We hope you’ll join us on this sacred journey through Paris.