Take Your Leadership to the Next Level


Recently, Forbes Magazine wrote an article about the various ways leaders make a difference in their company. The overarching theme? Rather than charisma or management style, “character, experience, behavior, skills and personal attributes—most of all integrity—were far more important.” At Seton Cove, we believe that you are most effective as a leader when you lead from within having a clear understanding of your own identity. Very few leaders take an opportunity to develop their character or strengthen their spiritual depth because they are too concerned with the demands of life and work. However, if you commit to joining our Leadership Pilgrimage, over the course of one year you will not only become a more whole, centered person, but you will learn how to be even more effective in your leadership position.

A Program Created with You In Mind

The Leadership Pilgrimage is designed to challenge, inspire, and celebrate men and women in their call to leadership. This program helps you uncover your unique gifts that allow your position, vision, and direction to truly matter to those you are leading. Each retreat gives you an opportunity to experience spiritual renewal so that you can lead effectively and authentically. Learn spiritual practices and mindfulness techniques that will benefit you as you lead your staff, your family, and your community. The Leadership Pilgrimage combines personal stories, a study of wisdom traditions, a deep dive into contemporary thinkers, and experiential exercises that provide excellent material for group discussion and individual reflection.

Program Details

Over the course of a year, leaders will participate in three retreats at Canyon of the Eagles retreat center in the Texas Hill Country. Each retreat will begin Thursday afternoon and last until midday on Saturday. This allows you to not miss too much work, while still being able to enjoy most of your weekend. The cost of the retreat is $3,650/3,290 (non-profits) and includes your program materials, lodging, and meals. A

non-refundable deposit of $750 is included in your fee. To learn more about the Leadership Pilgrimage, visit our website or call our office (512-451-0272) with any questions