Introducing Mary C. Earle


Seton Cove, as an inter-faith community, seeks to learn from teachers and spiritual directors from all denominations and backgrounds. We believe that you can experience the Great Mystery of the Divine without limiting yourself to one style of teaching or one specific way of thinking. This is why we are committed to filling our team of facilitators at the Mystic Heart Wisdom School with men and women who have a unique understanding of spirituality. We are proud to include Rev. Mary Earle on our team and cannot wait for you to learn from her.

An Episcopal priest and spiritual director, Rev. Earle is passionate about spiritual formation, theology, and experiencing the grace of God. She taught classes in spirituality at the Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas until she retired. Now, she leads retreats and continues to inspire people to engage in their spirituality through her books and her poetry.

Rev. Earle has spoken at various retreats including conferences of the Academy for Spiritual Formation, Spiritual Directors International, the International Thomas Merton Society, Oblate School of Theology, and various hospice organizations.

She is the author of nine books. You can read about Rev. Earle’s passions, revelations, and spiritual understanding through her books. Her wide-range of topics span the spirituality of living with illness, rule of life, Celtic Christian spirituality, the Desert Mothers, and Julian of Norwich.

Mary and her husband Doug currently live in San Antonio, Texas. In 2018, they were among the recipients of the Humanitarian Award from the United Communities of San Antonio. They committed to promoting inclusiveness and diversity in their community by working to eliminate racism, prejudice, and bullying.

The Mystic Heart Wisdom School aims to uncover what Wayne Teasdale calls the mystic heart: “the deepest part of who or what we are. We need only to realize and activate that essential part of our being.” Once we establish our mystic heart, we are equipped to go out into the world and participate in the religious transformation that surrounds us.

In your session with Rev. Earle, you will study Celtic spirituality which emphasizes a right relationship with nature. You will learn how to honor creation as a divine habitat which deepens your understanding of the Great Mystery of the Divine.

To participate in the Mystic Heart Wisdom School, you must first complete the Leadership Pilgrimage. Join us on September 24 at Seton Cove to learn more about the Wisdom School. If you have any questions, please contact us.