Get Involved At Seton Cove


At Seton Cove Spirituality Center, we want to provide you with every opportunity to grow deeper in your understanding of self, community, and The Great Mystery of the Divine. We provide many services to help you succeed in your spiritual practice and live a life that is balanced in mind, body, and spirit. We believe taking intentional care of each of these areas will help you move confidently through this world as you lead, serve, and love those around you. To give your best to others, you must first give your best to yourself. At Seton Cove, there are a variety of ways you can do this.

Spiritual Direction

If you are looking for meaning and a deeper understanding of the Sacred that surrounds you, spiritual direction consultations are available to you. A spiritual direction meeting is not a therapy session, pastoral counseling, advice on how to solve a problem, or direction on how to fix an issue. It is designed to help you discover an awareness of the “still, small voice within,” or the leading of the Spirit inside you. It encourages you to press into and nurture your relationship with God, the Great Mystery of the Divine, and incorporate spirituality into your everyday life. You can learn more about Spiritual Direction and sign up for a free 30-minute consultation here.

SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Assessment

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) is the ability to respond to any situation with compassion and wisdom. By learning and applying 21 unique skills, you’ll be able to experience everything life throws at you with both an inner and outer peace. The SQ21 Assessment is a faith-neutral, yet faith-friendly test designed to evaluate how people use the 21 skills and then equip them to develop and use each skill. The skill-set includes awareness of your worldview, the complexity of inner thoughts, and awareness of the interconnectedness of life. When you register with Seton Cove, you will have immediate access to the assessment. Once completed, you’ll receive a 20-page review of your answers and additional coaching to further develop each skill. Register today.

Massage Therapy & Holistic Touch

An unconventional, yet powerful way to connect and restore balance to your mind, body, and soul is through massage therapy. Seton Cove offers massage appointments seven days a week with a licensed massage therapist. Schedule an appointment to relieve stress and enhance the connection between your body, mind, and spirit.

Consultation & Facilitation

If your business, non-profit organization, or educational institution is seeking consultation to develop its members and employees, Seton Cove is here for you. We specialize in the connection between leadership and spirituality, spirituality in the workplace, spiritual formation, Myers-Briggs assessment, and board/staff development retreats. Click here to see a list of clients we’ve had the honor to work with.

Meditation & Prayer

We believe in the power of contemplative prayer at Seton Cove. We understand the value both meditation and prayer holds in your personal development and in the ability to connect with others. Therefore, we offer 4 weekly sessions and 1 monthly session that is free of cost to anyone needing a safe place to sit, reflect, and heal.

● Wellness Wednesday Lunch-Hour Meditation is held on the second Wednesday of every month from 12-1pm. Visual imagery and spiritual readings will help you engage in silent meditation.

● Healing the Blind Spot of Leadership Through Contemplative Practice is a weekly meditation group that supports one another through discussion of transformative leadership practices and includes 30 minutes of silent meditation.

● Open Mind, Open Heart—Contemplative Prayer is offered every Thursday morning for those that want to participate in contemplative prayer as well as reflective reading and discussion to make themselves available to God and nurture that relationship.

● Mindfulness Meditation is designed with beginners in mind. Meditation practice is combined with a discussion that incorporates a variety of texts and traditions.

There is no cost and no registration required to attend any of the meditation and prayer sessions listed above. Each meeting is held in the Meditation Room behind the main Seton Cove building.

As you utilize the services offered at Seton Cove, we believe you’ll gain a greater understanding of Self and how you can uniquely engage with the Great Mystery of the Divine to make our world a better place. If you have any questions, contact Seton Cove and join our inter-faith community today.