Coronavirus (COVID-2019)


Dear Seton Cove Community,

As you know we have all been asked by our local, state and national leaders to practice social distancing in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19. The leaders of Ascension Health are wisely requiring all associates whose job duties allow, to work remotely.

In an effort to keep us all as safe as possible, I am suspending classes and closing the Seton Cove for the next two weeks. We will determine at the end of that time what our next steps should be. Please know that we will be in touch with you through email and online. Our team is meeting in the morning to plan how best to do that. I know the Cove Community is a source of support and fellowship for all of us. We will provide ways to ensure that it remains so during this uncertain time. If you have registered for a class that is cancelled, you will receive a refund or be given the option of attending the rescheduled class. If you are scheduled for a spiritual direction appointment during the next two weeks, your director will be in touch to see if you would prefer to reschedule or go ahead with your session by phone.

Love has no barriers. Though we will be physically isolated from each other we can still hold each other in our hearts. We can meditate at the same time, even though we won’t be in the same room. We can say the loving kindness meditation for each other and the world. Remember your own basic goodness and the goodness of others.

I am larger and better than I thought.
I did not think I held so much goodness.

                                              Walt Whitman

Here is a compassion practice from Living with More Compassion, Richard Fields, ED.

To cultivate compassion, let yourself sit in a centered and quiet way. Breathe softly and feel your body, your heartbeat, and the life within you. Feel how you treasure your own life, how you guard yourself in the face of your sorrow.

After some time, bring to mind someone close to you whom you dearly love, Picture them and feel your natural caring for them. Notice how you hold them in your heart. . . Feel how your heart opens to wish them well; to extend comfort to them; to share in their pain and meet them with compassion.

To open your heart still further, begin reciting the phrases:

May you be held in compassion.
May your pain and sorrow be eased.
May you be at peace.

Continue reciting the phrases while you are holding them in your heart.
After you feel your deep caring for this person, turn the same compassionate heart toward yourself.
Place your hand over your own heart while you recite:

May I be held in compassion,
May my pain and sorrow be eased.
May I be at peace.

Gradually you can open your compassion further, to the suffering of your friends, to your neighbors, your community, to all who suffer, to difficult people, to your enemies, and finally to the brotherhood and sisterhood of all beings.

Blessing to you all, my dear friends. We will move through this together.