You Can’t Get Lost with Spiritual Direction


Your spiritual journey is unique. There is not a road map for your spiritual life which clearly spells out each step along your path. However, many people on this Sacred journey desire a similar destination: deeper connection with the Great Mystery of the Divine which in turn gives us clarity on our true self and our purpose. The destination is clear, but the path is not. This can often lead to a sense of feeling untethered and cause many people to move hesitantly into a deeper spiritual life or stop pursuing it altogether. Yet, when it comes to a physical journey to a destination you have not yet been, no one considers it absurd when you use a web mapping service to direct you. So, why not consider utilizing a spiritual director to help you reach your spiritual destination?

What is a Spiritual Director?

A spiritual director is an advisor, a supportive companion, a helper. Their role is to hold you accountable to your spiritual practice, challenge you to dig deeper and encourage you to press on when you feel weary. At times, a spiritual director may offer kind correction to help you stay on the path you have previously expressed is your best course. However, a spiritual director is not a counselor or therapist. They do not set out to fix you, or solve your problems. Your spiritual director will listen to your struggles without judgment and pose contemplative questions that help you discern “that still, small voice within.” Refusing to influence, your spiritual director will simply walk alongside you through life—both the good and difficult parts. We can all agree that traveling is more enjoyable when you’re with someone. You will find that the same goes for your spiritual journey. Why not bring along a spiritual director?

What is the Benefit of a Spiritual Director?

You will always benefit from learning from someone who is a few steps ahead of us in life. This is true in business, parenting, marriage, fitness, gardening, you name it. Someone who has more experience and more knowledge can help you avoid mistakes and gain understanding. Hearing wisdom from others is priceless and this is what a spiritual director can give you. As you participate in this mutually authentic companionship, you’ll receive not only a listening ear but wisdom and direction from someone who is further along in their spiritual journey. In your meeting with your spiritual director, you’ll be asked various open-ended questions that you help you develop your spiritual life. If you need a safe place to be still and practice contemplative silence in order to discern your next step, your spiritual director will be there, encouraging you to do. Your spiritual director is a cheerleader of sorts, spurring you on toward awareness of the Sacred within you and around you. They want you to be successful in your spiritual journey, so when times get tough, it’s helpful to have someone in your corner, encouraging you to keep going.

Spiritual Direction at Seton Cove

At Seton Cove, an interfaith spirituality center in Austin, TX, we have two spiritual directors that are available to meet with you: Daniel Hope and Will Boesl. The goal of our spiritual directors is to “provide a welcoming place of solace and hospitality where people of any faith may nourish and foster their spiritual growth and journey toward wholeness.” As we become people who are self-aware, who have a connection with the Divine, and understand our place in the world, together we can make a difference in our community. We can carry Love out into the world and thus fulfill our purpose. Meeting regularly with a spiritual director will help you confidently pursue your spiritual journey and we are grateful to play a role. If you’re looking for a spiritual director in Austin, TX, look no further than Seton Cove. Visit our website to find out more about spiritual direction at Seton Cove. You can also sign up for a free 30-minute consultation with one of our spiritual directors.