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Part 3: Does Your Work Feel Sacred?: If not, here's what to do about it...

Daniel Hope

So far in this series, I have written about disruption and the effect it can have on our productivity and sense of accomplishment, and I've shared some examples of the mistakes I have made personally. I also gave you a list of what not to do when you feel overwhelmed in your work. Today I'm going to share with you what you can do right now to feel more productive and less exhausted and overwhelmed.

The Seton Cove offers a variety of programs designed to provide participants opportunities to explore, develop, and continue their spiritual paths. These programs are open to people from all faiths and spiritual practices and are delivered through luncheons, evening classes, workshops, and multi-day retreats.


All Day

Seton Cove programs offered as a one day session.

Core Curriculum

The Seton Cove offers eight distinct classes as part of the core curriculum. These classes can be taken in any order. There is no required progression. Each class has reading and journal assignments, and class participation expectations.

Creative Encounters

"All our spiritual traditions the world over agree that creativity flows through the human heart and that it flows from the Divine heart."
--- Matthew Fox
The Seton Cove provides opportunities for participants to connect to the Divine through creative activities in these one night programs.


These programs provide oppotunities for participants to share their ideas and beliefs.


Seton Cove programs offered after the work day to allow participants to reflect on the connections between spirituality and the human experience.

For Teens

Institute for Soul-Centered Leadership

Leadership that is centered in the soul is a leadership that radiates out from one's deepest, truest self and becomes a force for deepening relationships and positive change in all facets of our lives.

Leadership and Spirituality

Leading with integrity requires congruence of a personís values and who they are at work. Seton Cove's multi-level leadership programs help those in leadership positions identify and eventually address any dissonance between their personal identity and how they express it in their work life, making them more effective leaders.


Seton Cove lectures provide an opportunity for participants to hear a well known speaker on topics of spirituality and work and promoting balance in body, mind and spirit.


Seton Cove programs offered during the noon hour to allow participants to restore balance in their lives over lunch.


Seton Cove programs offered before noon including books studies, journaling and discussion.


Registrations (Admin Only)

Admin use only


Seton Cove programs offering both one day and over-night opportunities to explore topics, teachings and practices in community with other participants.

Special Event


Seton Cove programs offered on Saturday or Sunday.


Seton Cove programs which offer participants an opportunity to engage in practices and group work

The Seton Cove will give full refunds in the event of program cancellation. In the event of participant cancellation, refunds will be given less 10% up to five business days prior to the scheduled program. Refunds will not be available after that time. Refunds will not be available for off-site programs and retreats unless specified in the program description.