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Massage & Holistic Touch


Massage Appointments

Massage appointments are available 7 days per week. Call 512-451-0272

Massage Gift Certificates

Give the gift of health and wellness. Gift certificates for Seton Cove massage make a great gift for any occasion

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Massage can be an effective tool to help relieve stress by positively affecting all the systems in the body. Equally, massage can help facilitate the connection between mind/body/spirit through the healing power of touch. Massage appointments are available seven days a week.

The Seton Cove ME1528 offers massage appointments with the following licensed massage therapists:

Lisa Soileau, LMT   MT004142

Rates for Massage at Seton Cove:



Giving Club /
Seton Employees

90-minute session



60-minute session



30-minute session