History & Mission

The Seton Cove, an interfaith spirituality center, was created in 1995 to be a place of hospitality and solace for people seeking to integrate spirituality more fully into their daily lives. Seton Cove is recognized as a leader in Austin for spiritual formation, creative learning, and holistic renewal.

The Cove believes that while not all people are religious, we are all spiritual. Our spirituality has to do with our deepest, truest center where our values are formed and held. Spirituality is not about believing certain doctrines or obeying rule; rather, it is about leading the authentic life in right relationship with the mystery we call God, oneself, one’s community, and the creation. Spirituality is about waking up and seeing all that one may be blind to. Spirituality is a process of becoming.

There is an increasing awareness within society of the healing role of spirituality for individuals and communities. As individuals experience a greater sense of wholeness, they bring renewed spiritual vitality to the whole community.

The Seton Cove Vision

The Seton Cove Will be a place and a presence, serving people on their journeys toward wholeness by being a source of spiritual nurturing in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

  • Individuals will reach out with respect, caring, challenge and support to the persons in their families, workplaces, and community.
  • Organizations will grow and change, reflecting the spiritual health of their involvement.
  • The community will envision and carry out its purpose in an environment of justice, acceptance, stewardship, and nurturing for all people.

The Mission of Seton Cove

The Seton Cove is a non-profit, interfaith center for spirituality, named for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, the American foundress of The Daughters of Charity. Rooted in Judeo-Christian values and founded on the principles of St. Vincent de Paul which finds God in the ordinary events of everyday life. The center reaches out to the poor in spirit and those seeking to enrich their relationship with God, others and self.

Its mission is to provide a welcoming place of solace and hospitality where people of any faith may nourish and foster their spiritual growth and journey towards wholeness.

The center offers a holistic approach to life, which integrates spiritual and human development through programs designed to honor the dignity of every person and to reflect the connections between spirituality and the human experience.

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