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Revolutionary Love

Love calls us to look upon the faces of those different from us as brothers and sisters. Love calls us to weep when their bodies are outcast, broken or destroyed. Love calls us to speak even when our voice trembles, stand even when hate spins out of control, and stay…
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Tips to Avoid Holiday Depression

Tips to Avoid Holiday Depression We all hope the holidays will be a time of joy and celebration. Unfortunately, the holiday season often brings uninvited guests – stress and depression. And it’s easy to understand why. We often feel frazzled by all the demands of shopping, parties, cleaning, baking, entertaining, etc.… Other sources of holiday…
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Are Profitability and Spirituality Polar Opposites?

Since the fall of Enron and WorldCom, corporate scandals have taken their toll on the conscience of the business world. Today, people want to do business with companies that have strong moral values. The challenge for businesses, however, is creating a caring, values-based atmosphere without it negatively impacting their bottom…
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Flint Sparks, PhD Once, in a psychotherapy training session with John Gladfelter, my primary therapist, mentor, and first real dharma teacher, someone asked a poignant question about their life and what they could hope for in their process of transformation. John sat silently for a moment before responding. Then he…
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