Program Catalogue: July – September 2020

An Invitation to Discover Your Spiritual Life

If you are searching for resources to develop your spiritual life, the Seton Cove may be the place for you. Just as we feed our body and mind, we need to nourish our spirit. The programs offered at the Seton Cove are designed for participants from all walks of life. The one requirement is a desire to grow spirituality with an open mind and heart.

Throughout this catalogue you will find programs and classes to enrich and challenge you, as well as ask you to share your experiences. It is through this exchange of ideas and personal stories that we appreciate the spiritual and sacred in each other’s lives.

Please join us via Zoom Video Conferencing for one or many of our available programs.

July 2020

7/7 | Tuesday Luncheon: Howard Thurman’s “Theology of Equity” with Paula Hart

7/10 | Leadership Pilgrimage Informational Session

7/14 | Tuesday Luncheon: Won’t You Be My Neighbor? with Deborah Cole

7/15 | Book Club Express: 45 Minute Conversation Sprints for Mind and Heart

7/15 | Fear Frenzy: The Impact of Fear on our Health and Wellness

7/16 | Writing Express: 45 Minute Writing and Discussion Sprints to Soothe Our Spirits

7/21 | Tuesday Luncheon: What is “Normal” Anyway? A Personal Journey of (Accidental Complicity) in Systemic Oppression with Mike Krussel

7/22 | Drawing Closer through Extending Loving-Kindness

7/23 | Mystic Heart Wisdom School 2021 Info Session

7/24 | Practical Tools for Creating Meaningful Change In Your Life

7/28 | Tuesday Luncheon: Together in a Sudden Strangeness with Ginny Agnew


August 2020

8/4 | Tuesday Luncheon: Housing: Art History, Story and Race at the Neill Cochran House Museum

8/5 | Immune Support through the Covid Season

8/6 | The Rhythm of Ritual for Families: Energy Practices to Restore Connection

8/7 | From Conflict to Collaboration

8/11 | Tuesday Luncheon: Finger Labyrinth Meditation with Will Boesl

8/12 | The Angel and the Assassin: A Book Discussion with Dr. Julie Reardon

8/13 | Summer Leadership Intensive: Moving from Coping to Transforming, Tension to Extension, and Controlling to Connection

8/14 | Leading from Presence: Harnessing the Power of the Mandorla

8/18 | Tuesday Luncheon: HeartMath with Jen Petruso

8/19 | Chair Yoga

8/20 | Leadership Innovation Luncheon: Team Human Book Discussion: Program or Be Programmed

8/21 | Mystic Heart Wisdom School 2021 Info Session

8/25 | Tuesday Luncheon: The Pandemic and Biological time, An Ayurvedic Perspective with Neelam Misra

8/26 | Racial Healing can Inspire Change


September 2020

9/1 | Tuesday Luncheon: Leading from Presence: Overcoming the Passive/Aggressive Victim in Leadership with Daniel Hope

9/2 | Social Vulnerability and Determinants of Health

9/3 | Voices for the Common Good

9/8 | Tuesday Luncheon: TBD

9/9 | Skillful Communication: A Mindfulness Approach

9/11 | Reclaiming Creativity—Your Spark of the Sacred

9/11 | Creative Ways of Coping During Crisis

9/15 | Tuesday Luncheon: Prose in the Pandemic with Carla Burzyk

9/16 | Building Resilience in Uncertain Times with Mindfulness and Heart Practices

9/16 | Paradigm Shift: COVID as an Opportunity to Leverage Integrative Medicine into our Next Era of Health Care

9/17 | The Poetics (and Politics) of Empathy

9/18 | Personal Mythology: Living from Your Deepest, Truest Self

9/18 | A Conversation of Wonderment between Mary Oliver and Colette

9/22 | Tuesday Luncheon: Blink Into Being: Exploring the Sacred in the Everyday with Sharmila Advani

9/23 | Chair Yoga

9/29 | Tuesday Luncheon: Writing from the Body with Peggy Lamb


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