Meditation Classes

Are you seeking a deeper meditation community or practice?

“The spiritual journey involves the need and the desire to meditate. It is a universal practice although each individual, like each spiritual tradition, appropriates it in his or her own way. Meditation is not leisure activity—though it takes time and requires relaxation. From a spiritual perspective you relax in order to meditate rather than meditating just to relax. You can survive without it. But it is the wind in the sail of the soul. A work that harmonizes the usually discordant dimensions of our consciousness. Its fruits are agreed by all traditions to be preferable to its opposites. They need little definition or defense: compassion and wisdom, generosity and tolerance, forgiveness and kindness, gentleness and peace, joy and creativity. In other words, happiness and simple basic human goodness.” – Laurence Freeman

“In short, meditation practice helps us to firmly set the cornerstone of the most important relationship of our lives: our relationship with our self. As this relationship develops, our meditation opens up to include others; and as our relationships soften and deepen, lovingkindness and openness become more natural to us. Meditation nourishes our maturity.” – Norman Fischer

“We meditate alone but live our lives with other people; a gap is inevitable. If our path is to lead to less suffering, and much of our suffering is with other people, then perhaps we need to reexamine our sole commitment to these individual principles. Mediating alone reinforces an unreflective assumption: that the deep work of awakening is a private affair.” – Gregory Kramer

Free Weekly Meditation Groups

The Seton Cove offers weekly and monthly no-cost meditation and prayer groups.

In our practices of intentional silence, we sit together not only to awaken and heal our own hearts, but also to help heal the world.

Mindfulness Meditation with Ginny Agnew

  • Mondays, 9:30-10:30am
  • Wednesdays, 7:30–8:30am & 9:30–10:30am

Open Mind, Open Heart

  • Thursdays, 9–10am

Wellness Wednesday Lunch-Hour Meditation

  • Wednesdays, 12:15–1pm

Meditation Classes

Every three months, we offer a variety of meditation classes. Sign up today!

Stress-Reduction Meditation Workshop for Healthcare Providers

Mindfulness Meditation Clinic

Seton Cove Spirituality Center

The Seton Cove is a non-profit, interfaith center for spirituality in Austin, Tx. For nearly 25 years, The Cove has served as a place of learning and discovery supported by an interspiritual faculty who guide and support people in their journey to authenticity and wholeness. We provide practices and programs that support cooperation among individuals for the common good and societal transformation.

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