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Renewed Programming Underway

We are working hard to deliver renewed and reinvigorated programming for the Mandorla community. As we plan for the future, please make your voice known by filling out our survey below.

The Mandorla Vision

Mandorla serves the common good by cultivating leadership and living that flows from the power of one’s inner life.

Our projects, practices and products enable well-being of mind, body and spirit, and awaken the deep source of wholeness, empathy, connection, and creativity in the human spirit.

We draw forth the leader in each person: unlocking power for innovation, radical collaboration and transformative action.

Those who join Mandorla find pathways to true self, full presence, unity and vision to heal alienation within persons, between persons, between communities and even between humanity and creation,

Join us! Together we are doing inner work for the common good.

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