Program Catalogue: Jan – March 2021

An Invitation to Discover Your Spiritual Life

If you are searching for resources to cultivate wellness, wholeness, and personal flourishing, the Seton Cove may be the place for you. Just as we feed our body and mind, we need to nourish our spirit. The programs offered at the Cove are designed for participants from all walks of life. The one requirement is a desire to grow spirituality with an open mind and heart.

Throughout this online catalogue you will find programs and classes to enrich and challenge you, as well as ask you to share your experiences. It is through this exchange of ideas and personal stories that we appreciate the spiritual and sacred in each other’s lives.

Please join us via Zoom Video Conferencing for one or many of our available programs.

January 2021

1/12 | Poem’s Corner with Ginny Agnew

1/26 | The Four Noble Truths: Diagnosis, Cause, Prognosis, and Prescription with Brian Woolworth

1/28 | Islam and Loving Each Other for the Sake of God with Yetkin Yildirim

February 2021

2/2 | Seeing Racism with Bob Fish

2/5 | Writing From the Body with Peggy Lamb

2/9 | Attunement: The Antidote to Suffering with Jon-Eric and Jessica Steinbomer

2/12 | The Black Church and the White Church and Liberation Theology: Historical and Current Perspectives in America’s Current Upheaval with Don Brewington and James Harrington

2/16 | Poem’s Corner with Ginny Agnew

2/18 | Meet Mandorla with Mandorla Staff

2/19 | The Ancient Art of the Letter with Ginny Agnew

2/23 | Enneagram-Powered Healing in the Next Year with Daniel Hope

2/25 | God’s Image + Imagination: a Practical Workshop for Poetic Living and Flourishing (Part 1) with Travis Helms

March 2021

3/2 | Exploring the Mind-Body Connection Through Breath & Movement with Shannon Sims

3/4 | God’s Image + Imagination: a Practical Workshop for Poetic Living and Flourishing (Part 2) with Travis Helms

3/9 | Journey to the Heart: A Labyrinth Meditation with Will Boesl

3/11 | Compassionate Forgiveness with Awa Jangha

3/16 | Poem’s Corner with Ginny Agnew

3/23 | A Deep Dive into the Ayurvedic Doshas with Neelam Misra

3/25 | Meet Mandorla with Mandorla Staff

3/26 | Carrying Grief: Charles Umlauf’s Pieta in a Time of Pandemic with Claire Colombo

3/30 | “I Could Not See to See”: The Natural World as Revelation with A.R. Rodgers


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