Creative Encounters

The Seton Cove provides opportunities for participants to connect to the Divine through creative activities in these one night programs.

**SoulCollage® Open Studio

Oct 12, Nov 16, Dec 14 (Sa) 9:30am–12:30pm $30 (Pre-registration required.)

Open Studio is for anyone who has previously taken a SoulCollage® class and is searching for a dedicated group of individuals who want to continue growing in this process. If you have not worked with SoulCollage®, you are also welcome to attend the gathering. No teaching is included however. It is a time for creating additional cards and sharing in community. Images, scissors and glue sticks will be available, and one SoulCollage® artboard and one plastic sleeve. This is an opportunity to connect with others and further your own inner journey in a safe and encouraging environment

Sue Kullerd, LPC

Drumming on the Edge of Magic

Sept 19 (Th) 7-8pm $35 (Pre-registration required.)
Drumming can provide us a pathway to use our creative instincts as tools and medicines. Indigenous cultures have known and practiced this for eons. We all have numerous candles of innovation ready to be lit in our hearts! Come join us for this hour of hand drumming and allow me to light one up! Drumming has been used for hundreds of years around the world to connect to a higher power, to release stress and relieve tension, to heal body, mind, and spirit, to celebrate Earth changes and life changes, to build and strengthen community bonds, and to celebrate the simple joy of being alive. On this eve before The Fall Equinox let us come together and share in this opportunity for reflection and gratitude for the harvest of our lives in the seasons past, and a deepened awareness of the sacredness in all things. 

Shelly Gingras