Creative Encounters

The Seton Cove provides opportunities for participants to connect to the Divine through creative activities in these one night programs.

**SoulCollage® Open Studio

Jan 11, Feb 8, Mar 14 (Sa) 9:30am–12:30pm $30 (Pre-registration required.)

Open Studio is for anyone who has previously taken a SoulCollage® class and is searching for a dedicated group of individuals who want to continue growing in this process. If you have not worked with SoulCollage®, you are also welcome to attend the gathering. No teaching is included however. It is a time for creating additional cards and sharing in community. Images, scissors and glue sticks will be available, and one SoulCollage® artboard and one plastic sleeve. This is an opportunity to connect with others and further your own inner journey in a safe and encouraging environment

Sue Kullerd, LPC

An Introduction to Effortless Mindfulness

Mar 12 (Th) 10am–11:30am $40 (Pre-registration required.)
According to Mark Nepo, "the only thing worth teaching [is] how to uncover that original center and how to live there once it is restored." Effortless Mindfulness is an ancient practice that offers a sacred map to uncover that original center which lives within us all. It is an off-the-meditation cushion way of weaving together contemplation and compassionate action. 

In this class, we will discuss the three movements of effortless mindfulness:
  • Waking up from ego-identification.
  • Waking into embodiment and interconnectedness.
  • Waking out to creative and compassionate relationship with others.
Join me in exploring how to access and live from our original center through the practice of Effortless Mindfulness.

Will Boesl, BA

Beauty’s Bidding: Why in the World?

Mar 25 (Th) 10am–11:30am $40 (Pre-registration required.)
Mary Oliver once wondered, “The world did not have to be beautiful to work. But it is. What does that mean?” 

During our time together, we will ponder Oliver’s question. We will ask: 
  • What does the presence of beauty in the world mean?
  • How does beauty affect us — physiologically, emotionally, and spiritually? 
  • Based on these effects, what might beauty be asking of us? What might it be calling us to do?
  • And, for goodness’ sake (perhaps literally), why?

We’ll explore these questions with reference to classical understandings of beauty, our own experiences of beauty, and the human desire to create beauty — especially during times of darkness.

Claire Miller Colombo, Ph.D.

Found Poetry for Lost Souls with Ginny Agnew

Feb 28 (F) 10-11:30am $40 (Pre-registration required.)
Crows famously bring found objects to humans they’ve befriended.

Annie Dillard makes found poems for humans.

Ginny Agnew will share shiny objects and humorous and profound poems from Dillard’s collection Mornings Like This.

Words will always be like shiny objects in your Crow’s eyes everafter if you join Ginny in this adventure.

Ginny Agnew, MSLS, JD

Meet the Artist: Deborah Cole

March 20 (F) 5:30 – 7:00 pm No charge - Please RSVP!
You are invited to the art opening of Deborah Cole at The Seton Cove.

Meet the Artist, Deborah Cole
The Heart and Soul of Others
March 20 (F)
5:30 – 7:00 pm
No charge - Please RSVP!