ONLINE: Cultivating Presence in Advent

Dec 4 (F) 12-1pm $35 (Pre-Registration Required) Presented virtually via Zoom
With our busy schedules, long to-do lists, and the onset of the holiday season, intentional prayer and reflection can feel like one more activity to accomplish. Yet, this time with God is what our hearts most crave. Through practical methods, experience the invitation to slow down and cultivate spiritual presence through this season of anticipation. 

In this session, explore selected pathways through Scripture and the work of modern spiritual writers to help you craft a plan for a meaningful Advent journey. Join us!

Sarah Reddin, D. HCML (in progress)

ONLINE: Embodying Presence: Theotokos

Dec 11 (F) 12-1pm $35 (Pre-Registration Required) Presented virtually via Zoom
Using the practice or Visio Divina on an image of Theotokos, (in Greek, the one who bears God) we will be invited to behold the “uncreated energies of the Divine” taking flesh in creation. Our practice of this contemplative way of seeing can open us to recognize that every moment and every experience of life can be a mystical encounter.

Our contemplation of the icon will carry us more deeply into the mystery of God born of woman,  and we will reflect on the spiritual significance of this embodiment for both women and men. 

Celeste Mueller, D.Min.

ONLINE: Reconnecting with Self and Others through Open-Hearted Presence

Nov 6 (F) 12-1pm $35 (Pre-registration required) Presented Virtually via Zoom
Modern psychology is helping us reflect on the implications of relational growth and human flourishing. While traditional developmental theories prioritize independence and separation from others, the groundbreaking model of Relational-Cultural Theory proposes that connection is the core of human growth and development. 

In our season of disconnection, what if relational theory can help illuminate the spiritual split between our True Selves and others? In this session, we will explore how daily practice of Open-Hearted Presence can help us reconnect from the illusion of separation. 

Will Boesl, MA

ONLINE: The Triangle & the Mandorla: An Ancient Model for Avoiding Triangulation in Life and Business

Nov 13 (F) 12-1pm $35 (Pre-Registration Required) Presented Virtually via Zoom
In life and work there are many opportunities to triangulate: or pair off with one person at the expense of another. We do it effortlessly when we complain or gossip and are often unaware we are even doing it. The triangle is a powerful shape for both good and for ill.

What if there were another model for resolving interpersonal issues that can transcend the negative effects of triangulation, while still addressing our core issue or complaint?  In this session we will explore the power of the Mandorla to reconcile differences, heal disagreements and offer us a way forward, while remaining in relationship.

Daniel Hope, MA

The Gift of Presence: A 5-Part Series Presented by Mandorla Staff

Nov 6, 13, 20 and Dec 4, 11 (F) 12-1pm $125 (Pre-registration required) Presented Virtually via Zoom
“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence.” - Thich Nhat Hanh

Please join Mandorla Staff in this 5-part exploration of The Gift of Presence. Each Friday at 12-1pm for six weeks (excluding Friday, Nov 27), one Mandorla facilitator will present a unique expression of presence. 

Sessions include:

  1. Reconnecting to Self and Others through Open-Hearted Presence
  2. The Triangle & the Mandorla: An Ancient Model for Finding Presence & Avoiding Triangulation in Life and Work
  3. Unwrapping Presence: A Mindfulness Meditation Journey
  4. Cultivating Presence in Advent
  5. Embodying Presence: Theotokos
Nov 6, 13, 20 and Dec 4, 11 (F)
$125 (For all five classes, pre-registration required)
$35 (single class)
Presented Virtually via Zoom