ONLINE: Islam and Loving Each Other for the Sake of God

Jan 28 (Th) 12-1:30pm $35 (Pre-registration required) Presented virtually via Zoom
In Islam, real love, the love of the Eternal Ruler, is the seed of our existence. This love is felt for His Grace and Beauty manifested within His Majesty, and for His Majesty manifested within His Grace and Beauty. 

The real, intense love felt for God is a path of light granted to us by Him so that people can use it to reach Him. This intense love is the most basic and mysterious cause of the universe's creation. 

In Islamic scripture, God created the universe in order to be known and loved, and so that those souls awakened to truth would feel and manifest a deep interest in His Essence, Attributes, and Names. This sacred, essential love of God for Himself is the reason why He created the universe and why He caused humanity to appear in the world. It is also this love that manifests itself in human beings as love of God, as the most essential center of humanity's relationship with God.

We believe this love is the final step leading to God, and a lover who has reached it has no further steps to take. And we believe that feelings of love between people bring peace, as long as they originate from this main love of God. 

Please join us as we explore the nature of love from an Islamic perspective.

Yetkin Yildirim, Ph.D.

ONLINE: Meet Mandorla

Feb 18th at 7-7:30pm; March 25th at 12-12:30pm No charge Presented Virtually via Zoom
The seeds sown through Seton Cove’s 25 years of service have blossomed into the community of Mandorla. To celebrate, please join Mandorla Staff as we host a series of live encounters for reflection, Q&A, and announcements.

All community members of The Cove are welcome! Join us as we open the conversation for 30 minutes to discuss who we are and what our work is during this season of transformation, and how you can get involved. 

ONLINE: The Ancient Art of the Letter

Feb 19 (F) 12 - 1:30pm $35 (Pre-registration required.) Presented virtually via Zoom
Drawing into ourselves during this age of pandemic we have had to reshape our modes of human contact. No method has richer roots than the art of letter writing.

Ginny Agnew has been exploring its merits and revisiting many of our true aficionados of the practice and would like to share some of her greatest finds and discuss the merits of writing letters in the age of the electronic word. 

Ginny Agnew, MSLS, JD