Register for McPhee Lecture & Workshop: Ginny Whitelaw

Thursday, October 15th LECTURE Time: 6:30-8pm & Friday, October 16th WORKSHOP Time: 9-11:30am, & 1-3:30pm
“[W]hen we resonate at our best, this particular body is capable of having an experience of universal mind, and the wisdom emerging from that connectedness changes what the body does and how it does it.” - Dr. Ginny Whitelaw

LECTURE: OCTOBER 15 (TH) 6:30-8pm

Harnessing Resonance for Leading with Greater Purpose and Effortless Effort

Remember the swingset of your youth? It’s an example of resonance, and how sensing larger forces and adding effort at just the right time can have an out-sized impact, along with resilience and joy. The difference you want to make as a leader can have the same spirit of play when you harness resonance, and this interactive workshop will lead you there.

WORKSHOP OCTOBER 16 (F) 9-11:30am, & 1-3:30pm

Leadership that Resonates – the Key to Making a Difference

In a noisy, disruptive, pandemically upended world, it can be hard to be heard or know how to make a difference. But master the principle that underlies all change and you can live your most significant life, from reshaping relationships, to reimagining a post-coronavirus world, to realizing large-scale change. That principle is resonance and this interactive session will introduce you to the surprising ways that resonance works, as well as concrete practices that get it working for you. You’ll come away with an experience of how resonance takes spirituality into every workplace, how it disrupts notions of causality, and manifests through every aspect of your inner and outer life.