Institute for Soul-Centered Leadership

******Leadership Pilgrimage: A Program for Visionary Leaders 2020

Feb 20-22, 2020 June 11-13, 2020 September 17-19, 2020 All retreats are held at Canyon of the Eagles located in the Texas Hill Country. Program fee: $3,650/$3,290 (non-profits). Includes program materials, lodging, and meals.

As the foundation of Seton Cove’s leadership programs, the Leadership Pilgrimage provides leaders an opportunity to reflect on their personal identity and work through a year-long program that includes three retreats. These retreats are designed for the lives of busy professionals who generally don’t make time to renew their spirit and revitalize their understanding and practice of leadership.

Located in the Texas Hill Country, retreats are just far enough away to be accessible while still off the grid of daily life. Retreats are designed to be logistically feasible, beginning on Thursday afternoons and continuing through mid-day Saturday--striking the perfect balance between not missing too much work and not giving up an entire weekend.

The Leadership Pilgrimage mixes individual and group experiences that ultimately allow each person to slow down and regain awareness required to do "inner work" that modern life rarely enables. The use of personal stories, tales from the wisdom traditions, contemporary thinkers, and experiential exercises will facilitate individual reflection and group discussion.

Facilitators: Patricia Speier, D.Min & Joe Barry, MA

Heroic Presence: The New Hero’s Journey and the Enneagram

Sept 19 (Th) 12noon-1:30pm $50 (Includes lunch. Pre-registration required.)
The Hero’s Journey summons images of knights slaying dragons and perilous journeys to distant lands. These are the metaphors so often associated with our work and our relationships but what if these metaphors are failing us? Is the departure on this journey and its solitary nature contributing to our new epidemics of loneliness and burnout? What if there was a new way of viewing both our work and our worth?

This program will introduce a new metaphorical framework for life called Heroic Presence. We will also show how this radical 3 step process ties directly into our personality construct or Enneagram type.

In this interactive workshop you will learn:
  • Why the popular understanding of departure in the hero’s journey is harmful to community and
  • relationships
  • An inclusive metaphor that transcends gender, race and sexuality
  • How some narratives assume others must lose for us to succeed
  • New ways of viewing your worth independent of works
  • How to move from a solitary narrative to a rich constellation of dynamic stories
See how these ancient vehicles for understanding our inner and outer worlds can work together to build a more
connected and meaningful future.
Will Boesl & Daniel Hope, MA

Leadership Pilgrimage Informational Luncheons & Happy Hours

Oct 10, Dec 4 12noon-1pm No Cost (Lunch provided. Pre-registration required)
You are invited to join other community leaders for lunch at the Cove, as we gather to present information on the 2020 Seton Cove Leadership Pilgrimage--a year-long program designed to provide leaders with an opportunity to reflect on their work, renew their spirit, and revitalize their understanding and practice of leadership.

Register for McPhee Lecture & Workshop: David Sloan Wilson

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17TH LECTURE Time: 7-8:30pm & FRIDAY, OCTOBER 18TH WORKSHOP Time: 8:30am-3pm Location: Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, 3201 Windsor Rd, Austin, TX
mcphee david sloan wilsonDavid Sloan Wilson is trained as an evolutionary biologist and has played an important role in expanding Darwin’s theory beyond the biological sciences to include all aspects of humanity. He is best known for championing Multilevel Selection Theory, which explains how adaptations can evolve—or fail to evolve—at any level of a multi-tier hierarchy, such as from genes to ecosystems in nature and small groups to global governance in human society.

LECTURE OCTOBER 17 (TH) 7-8:30pm

Steering toward the Omega Point: Managing Cultural Evolution for the Global Good

The scientist and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) coined the term “Omega Point” to refer to a global consciousness that humanity was evolving toward. In a more practical vein, everyone can agree on the need for good governance at a global scale, even if there is widespread disagreement and confusion on how to get there. 

WORKSHOP OCTOBER 18 (F) 8:30am-3pm 

Prosocial: A Practical Framework for Managing Cultural Evolution in any Group or Business Setting

People use words such as “evolve” and “adapt” all the time when referring to the need for positive change. Prosocial is the first practical positive change method based on the latest developments of evolutionary science. It is a multi-level approach that can be applied at the Micro (single groups), Meso (multi-group cultural ecosystems), and Macro (the global good and ultimate level of implementation) scales.