Integrative Medicine

ONLINE: Building Resilience in Uncertain Times with Mindfulness and Heart Practices

Sept 16 (W) 10-11:30am $45 (Pre-registration required) Presented Virtually via Zoom
Geeta is a Certified MBSR teacher and has received extensive training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) from Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and the University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Center For Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society. She is known for her “heart-centered” approach that invites participants to explore life’s challenges in a safe and supportive environment.

ONLINE: Chair Yoga

Aug 19 (W), Sept 23 (W) 12-1pm $20 (Per class, pre-registration required.) Presented virtually via Zoom
Chances are you’re reading this description while seated in a chair; and if you’re like most of us, you’ve been there for a while.  Please join Jenny Orona in this relaxing and reviving hour-long Chair Yoga class. 

In this experiential class, we will:
  • Explore gentle movement that can be done anytime during the day to relieve the stress and strain on our bodies.
  • Move the neck, shoulders, and low back
  • Help bring fluidity back into joints and muscles, 
  • Practice meditation for the mind and the spirit 
These movements can be done using the chair as a prop or using the chair as a foundation for the practice.

Join us!

Jenny Orona, RYT, C-IAYT

ONLINE: Immune Support through the Covid Season

Aug 5 (W) 12-1pm $30 (Pre-registration required.) Presented virtually via Zoom
A primary treatment strategy in Asian medicine is to treat the season you are in while preparing for the next. This presentation on “Immune Support through the Covid Season” is designed to do just that. 

Contained within centuries of experience asian medicine has insights on the nature of pathogenic influences and also, numerous self care techniques to assist in bolstering the the immune system through this season and the next. Prevention can become part of a lifestyle routine that can be both practical and pleasurable.

Lauren Nicita LAC.,LMST.,RYT.

ONLINE: Paradigm Shift: COVID as an Opportunity to Leverage Integrative Medicine into our Next Era of Health Care

Sept 16 (W) 12-1:30pm $45 (Pre-registration required) Presented Virtually via Zoom
Dr. Julie Reardon is a leader in the integrative and functional medicine fields and practices at Lake Travis Integrative Medicine (give link) where she offers in person and telemedicine services to support people on their health journey. She also teaches and shares her wisdom with a wide variety of audiences to further her mission of supporting health in mind, body, and spirit. After receiving a Magna Cum Laude degree in Psychology from Harvard University, she completed her medical training at The University of Connecticut School of Medicine. She is a Fellow of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. She is double board certified in Family and Integrative Medicine.

ONLINE: Racial Healing can Inspire Change

August 26 (W) 12-1:30pm $35 (Pre-registration required.) Presented virtually via Zoom
So much has come to light in our changed world. COVID-19 forced us to stop in our tracks, make huge, quick changes and shined a light on health disparities. George Floyd has exposed how lethal it can be to be Black in America. How can we grapple with these realities? How does this impact us as health professionals?

In this 90 minute interactive session,
  • Deepen your understanding of race and racial trauma
  • Learn about the City of Austin’s founding history, and how race plays a part
  • Discover racial healing and how it impacts us as health professionals
  • Leave inspired to continue this journey!

Carmaleta McKinnis-Williams, MBA, & Amina Haji, MD

ONLINE: Skillful Communication: A Mindfulness Approach

Sept 9 (W) 10-11:30am $35 (Pre-registration required) Presented Virtually via Zoom
Brian Woolworth is a Mindfulness educator and meditation facilitator who uses ancient practices to empower modern people to move beyond the mind’s stressful thoughts, upsetting emotions, and unpleasant sensations. With nearly thirty years of clinical nursing experience, Brian brings an intimate knowledge of the physiological effects of stressful suffering on the body. He is a leader in making mindfulness available to hospitals and medical practices as part of a balanced integrated care program.

ONLINE: Social Vulnerability and Determinants of Health

September 2 (W) 12-1:30pm $45 (Pre-registration required.) Presented virtually via Zoom
Dr. Caven graduated summa cum laude from University of Texas at Austin, B.A. Plan II Honors Program. He completed his Medical Education at U.T. Medical School at San Antonio, where he was an A.O.A. graduate. Postgraduate training followed at John Peter Smith Hospital in Ft.Worth, Texas (affiliated with UT Southwestern),. Dr Caven was a founding member of Travis Physician Associates in 1994, later forming Seton Health Partners in 1998.
Beginning 2018 Dr Caven has served as Medical Director of Seton Health Alliance, developing health strategies and clinical integration. From 2001 to 2018 Dr. Caven was Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director at UMC Brackenridge Hospital and later the inaugural Chief Medical Officer at Dell Seton Medical Center at U T, a member of the Seton Family of Hospitals. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medical Education at Dell Medical School, UT Austin.
Outside activities include membership on the External Advisory Committee of the University of Texas School of Biomedical Engineering. He is also active in the emerging field of Virtual Reality Immersive Medicine and clinical research in its applications.

ONLINE: The Angel and the Assassin: A Book Discussion with Dr. Julie Reardon

Aug 12 (W) 12-1:30pm $45 (Pre-registration required.) Presented virtually via Zoom
Join Dr. Julie Reardon in an in-depth review and discussion of the cutting edge approach to brain health with the research on glial cells in the brain. This book, The Angel and the Assassin, and the connection between brain and body is a perfect example of integrative and functional medicine and how our health does not occur in silos. 

"Until recently, microglia were thought to be merely the brain’s housekeepers, helpfully removing damaged cells. But a recent groundbreaking discovery revealed them to be capable of terrifying Jekyll and Hyde behavior. When triggered—and anything that stirs up the immune system in the body can activate microglia—they can morph into destroyers, impacting a wide range of issues from memory problems and anxiety to depression and Alzheimer’s. Under the right circumstances, however, microglia can be coaxed back into being angelic healers, able to repair the brain in ways that help alleviate symptoms and hold the promise to one day prevent disease." 

Dr. Julie Reardon

ONLINE: The Rhythm of Ritual for Families: Energy Practices to Restore Connection

August 6, 13, 20, 27 (Th) 2-3pm $75 (Pre-registration required.) Presented virtually via Zoom
This uplifting and engaging four-class series focuses on how daily rhythms and rituals can restore connection for families in this challenging and changing time we are all facing. This class is specifically geared towards empowering parents and caregivers as they guide their children to feel more grounded and secure. We will explore simple practices to begin and end the day that will inspire the whole family! 

By activating our imagination and intuition we will learn unique games, special songs, meaningful movements, and guided imagery. These enriching practices will serve our children in building a solid foundation for inner connection, informing their sense of self, and strengthening all of their relationships. 

Together we will learn: 
  • Energetic Hygiene Practices
  • Sensory Input Strategies
  • Mindfulness Games
  • Somatic Movement Exercises
Designed for children to understand and receive with adventure and fun! 

Heather Feinberg, M.A.