Leadership and Spirituality

******Leadership Pilgrimage: A Program for Visionary Leaders 2020

Feb 20-22, 2020 June 11-13, 2020 September 17-19, 2020 All retreats are held at Canyon of the Eagles located in the Texas Hill Country. Program fee: $3,850/$3,465 (non-profits). Includes program materials, lodging, and meals.

As the foundation of Seton Cove’s leadership programs, the Leadership Pilgrimage provides leaders an opportunity to reflect on their personal identity and work through a year-long program that includes three retreats. These retreats are designed for the lives of busy professionals who generally don’t make time to renew their spirit and revitalize their understanding and practice of leadership.

Located in the Texas Hill Country, retreats are just far enough away to be accessible while still off the grid of daily life. Retreats are designed to be logistically feasible, beginning on Thursday afternoons and continuing through mid-day Saturday--striking the perfect balance between not missing too much work and not giving up an entire weekend.

The Leadership Pilgrimage mixes individual and group experiences that ultimately allow each person to slow down and regain awareness required to do "inner work" that modern life rarely enables. The use of personal stories, tales from the wisdom traditions, contemporary thinkers, and experiential exercises will facilitate individual reflection and group discussion.

Facilitators: Patricia Speier, D.Min & Joe Barry, MA

Heroic Presence and the Rogue Archetypes: Overcoming the Victim, the Saboteur and the Sellout

Mar 26 (Th) 12noon-1:30pm $50 (Includes lunch. Pre-registration required.)
Have you ever been handed a golden opportunity, but instead of embracing your good fortune you squander it and sabotage any chances for success?

If this sounds familiar then you have felt the Saboteur Archetype at work.  You are also in good company because each of us holds the Saboteur Archetype within ourselves.  While it may manifest differently for different people, the results are always the same: opportunities are squandered and we are left frustrated and confused.

The Saboteur is one of 3 undermining influences which I call the Rogue Archetypes.  They include the Victim, the Saboteur and the Sellout.  Each of them holds us back in unique and destructive ways - but, if we are wise and courageous, they each have a valuable lesson to teach.  

Heroic Presence is a newly-envisioned take on Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey. Heroic Presence introduces future-oriented metaphors and inclusive language that encourages adventure and transformation while honoring our current relationships and the power of the present moment.  Transformation through Heroic Presence happens in 3 stages and the Rogue Archetypes will impede our progress at every stage, unless we approach them with courage and awareness.

The Victim asks, "Who are you to aspire to greatness?" The Saboteur asks, "What will you sacrifice to maintain control?", and the Sellout asks, “What is the price of your soul?”  Join me as we answer these questions and discover what the Rogue Archetypes can teach us on our spiritual journey.
Daniel Hope, MA