ONLINE: Built to Thrive: 9 Doctor-Proven Strategies To Optimal Health

April 22 (W) 12noon-1:30pm $35 (Pre-registration required) Presented virtually via Zoom
Built to Thrive explains how the choices we make on a daily basis impacts our bodies and can lead to illness, and most importantly, offers a medication-free cure developed through Dr. Sethi’s research and clinical work with thousands of patients. 

She provides 6 proven strategies that will help you discover increased energy, improve sleep, lose weight and thrive.

With Built to Thrive, you will: 
  • Understand how to support your body’s healing capacity naturally.
  • Reset your metabolism, hormones, mind, and mood and achieve long-lasting health and vitality.
Don’t miss this opportunity to join Dr. Sethi as she shares wisdom and insights from her #1 International Best Seller! Join Dr. Shelly Sethi for this program!

Dr. Shelly Sethi

ONLINE: Ramadan and its Implications for Individual and Collective Life

April 30 10am-11am $25 (Pre-registration required) Presented virtually via Zoom
Fasting is prescribed for the Muslims, as it was prescribed for those before the Muslims, so that we might achieve God-consciousness (Quran 2:183). To non-Muslims it may appear to be a time of hardship and deprivation, but that is not our experience. Muslims think of Ramadan as a kind of tune-up for their spiritual lives. As religious obligation, fasting has many special benefits. Among these, the most important is that it is a means of learning self-control. Due to the lack of preoccupation with the satisfaction of bodily appetites during the daylight hours of fasting, a measure of ascendancy is given to one's spiritual nature, which becomes a means of coming closer to God. As a secondary goal, fasting is a way of experiencing hunger and developing sympathy for the less fortunate, and learning thankfulness and appreciation for all of God's bounties. It increases people's sympathy and compassion for persons who are deprived of the daily means of survival. It is also beneficial to the health and provides a break in the cycle of rigid habits or overindulgence. Perhaps fasting in Ramadan is the most widely practiced of all the Muslim forms of worship. Yet it does not prevent Muslims from conducting their day-to-day work, or business, as usual.

Yetkin Yildirim, Ph.D.

ONLINE: Tibetan Sound Bowl: A Therapeutic Sound Journey for Pain Management, Mood, and Anxiety

April 29 (W) 12noon-1pm $25 (Pre-registration required) Presented virtually via Zoom
From the healing didgeridoos of the Australian aboriginals to the Sanskrit chants of Ancient India, sound therapy has been used for ages for healing purposes. The Tibetan Sound bowl is one such instrument used in Tibet and Nepal for sacred rituals and to restore health. The Tibetan Sound bowl is composed of different metals that are hammered by hand. When the rim of the bowl is played, the bowl starts to vibrate and a rich sound is produced. The vibrations create binaural beats, which the human brain harmonizes to. This can activate the relaxation response and send the brain into deep meditative states. The Tibetan sound bowl has positive lasting effects on pain, mood, and anxiety even after the sound bowl meditation is over. 

We will start with a presentation on Sound and healing. We will then discuss the specifics of the Tibetan sound bowl, its physical properties, the properties of acoustics and physics, and human physiology. We will finish the talk with a 15 minute Tibetan Sound bowl meditation. 

Dr. Neelam Misra