**Tuesday Restoring Balance Luncheon

$5 Bring your own brown bag lunch, beverages and cookies provided Reserve a box lunch by registering by 12 noon the Monday prior to each luncheon.
Is it possible to restore life balance over lunch? We'd like to think that such mindful changes can happen in small moments, so why not at lunch?


Heroic Presence: The New Hero’s Journey and the Enneagram

Sept 19 (Th) 12noon-1:30pm $50 (Includes lunch. Pre-registration required.)
The Hero’s Journey summons images of knights slaying dragons and perilous journeys to distant lands. These are the metaphors so often associated with our work and our relationships but what if these metaphors are failing us? Is the departure on this journey and its solitary nature contributing to our new epidemics of loneliness and burnout? What if there was a new way of viewing both our work and our worth?

This program will introduce a new metaphorical framework for life called Heroic Presence. We will also show how this radical 3 step process ties directly into our personality construct or Enneagram type.

In this interactive workshop you will learn:
  • Why the popular understanding of departure in the hero’s journey is harmful to community and
  • relationships
  • An inclusive metaphor that transcends gender, race and sexuality
  • How some narratives assume others must lose for us to succeed
  • New ways of viewing your worth independent of works
  • How to move from a solitary narrative to a rich constellation of dynamic stories
See how these ancient vehicles for understanding our inner and outer worlds can work together to build a more
connected and meaningful future.
Will Boesl & Daniel Hope, MA

Leadership Innovation Luncheon

May 10 (F) 12noon-1pm $30 (Includes lunch. Pre-registration required.) or $100 for all luncheons (save $20)

Who Do We Choose to Be?
The Interspiritual Age and What it means for Transformative Leadership

Thought leaders and wisdom teachers agree that we are living on the cusp of a new way of leading and being in the 21st century. They agree that if we are to survive and flourish we must move from an economy based on egosystem, that is, me and what I can get for myself, to an economy based on ecosystem, that is, an economy based on the good of the whole. This is an economy that bases its success not on the gross national product but rather on the wellbeing of the whole. As Margaret Wheatley has stated, “A culture focused on individual freedom can only result in narcissism, polarization and loneliness. What is the meaning of life when it is all about me?” Join Patty Speier and Joe Barry as they lead us in an exploration of what it means to be a leader in the interspiritual age who can play a pivotal role in “facing reality, claiming leadership, and restoring sanity.”
CEU Accredited: Earn a 1-hr continuing ed. certificate.
Patricia Speier, DMin & Joe Barry, MA

Leadership Pilgrimage Informational Luncheons & Happy Hours

Oct 10, Dec 4 12noon-1pm No Cost (Lunch provided. Pre-registration required)
You are invited to join other community leaders for lunch at the Cove, as we gather to present information on the 2020 Seton Cove Leadership Pilgrimage--a year-long program designed to provide leaders with an opportunity to reflect on their work, renew their spirit, and revitalize their understanding and practice of leadership.

Mystic Heart Wisdom School - Information Session

Sept 24 (T) 12noon - 1pm
The Mystic Heart Wisdom School is a year-long spiritual formation program that builds on the Core Curriculum of Seton Cove and provides an in-depth study of the Wisdom Tradition. This tradition, also known as the Perennial Philosophy, is the core synthesis of religious thought from the world’s great religions.

Say What? “The End of Alzheimer’s”?

Sept 26 (Th) 12:15-1:45pm $50 (Includes lunch. Pre-registration required.)
“We fear Alzheimer’s as we fear no other disease for two reasons. It is the only one of the nation’s 10 most common causes of death for which there has been no effective treatment. And it is not only fatal: It robs victims of their lives long before they are gone.” -Dale E. Bredeson, MD, from The End of Alzheimer’s 

Join Dr. Shelly Sethi for a roundtable discussion about cognitive health and a psychiatric Functional Medicine approach to health and wellness. In this discussion Dr. Sethi will address Dr. Dale Bredeson’s groundbreaking research-based protocol to prevent and even reverse cognitive decline. We will look at a provocative and innovative way to understand the disease of Alzheimer’s. Dr. Bredeson explains that Alzheimer’s is not one condition, as it is currently treated, but several. All are driven by different mechanisms and are dramatically influenced by imbalances in 36 metabolic factors that can trigger “downsizing” in the brain. In this roundtable discussion we will explore ways to rebalance these mechanisms by adjustment of lifestyle factors, including hormone levels, stress, sleep quality, and micronutrients.

Dr. Shelly Sethi

The Gut Brain Connection

Sept 25 (W) 12noon-1pm $40 (Includes lunch. Pre-registration required.)
Come explore how the status of your gut affects what’s going on in your brain. We’ll discuss the link between GI health, neurotransmitters and your immune system. 

Discover the keys to eating your way to a better brain!
Theresa Hernandez