Effortless Mindfulness Lunch-Hour Meditation

Wednesdays, 12pm-1pm No charge (please pre-register to receive the Zoom link)
In effortless mindfulness, we let go in order to open to an awareness that is naturally awake. Effortless mindfulness is founded upon the promise that the awakeness we are seeking is already here within us. Awakening is here now.
Please join us as we glimpse the Luminous Presence, discuss with, and support one another.

Beginners are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Will Boesl

Mystic Heart Wisdom School - Information Session

July 23 (Th) 12noon - 1pm
The Mystic Heart Wisdom School is a year-long spiritual formation program that builds on the Core Curriculum of Seton Cove and provides an in-depth study of the Wisdom Tradition. This tradition, also known as the Perennial Philosophy, is the core synthesis of religious thought from the world’s great religions.

ONLINE: Chair Yoga

Aug 19 (W), Sept 23 (W) 12-1pm $20 (Per class, pre-registration required.) Presented virtually via Zoom
Chances are you’re reading this description while seated in a chair; and if you’re like most of us, you’ve been there for a while.  Please join Jenny Orona in this relaxing and reviving hour-long Chair Yoga class. 

In this experiential class, we will:
  • Explore gentle movement that can be done anytime during the day to relieve the stress and strain on our bodies.
  • Move the neck, shoulders, and low back
  • Help bring fluidity back into joints and muscles, 
  • Practice meditation for the mind and the spirit 
These movements can be done using the chair as a prop or using the chair as a foundation for the practice.

Join us!

Jenny Orona, RYT, C-IAYT

ONLINE: Drawing Closer through Extending Loving-Kindness

July 22 (W) 12 - 1pm $30 (Pre-registration required) Presented Virtually via Zoom
In these days as many experience social and physical isolation, there is an increasing need to connect with others. Now more than ever, our society must draw upon practices which bind and unite us.

Loving-kindness — a practice of extending goodwill and well wishes to others — can be a healing antidote for our individual and collective experience of disconnection and separation. Beginning with self-compassion, loving-kindness (called “metta” in the Buddhist tradition) cultivates an attitude of care and concern for one’s self, those around them, and beyond.

This session is an opportunity to... 
  • uncover the ancient practice of loving-kindness and discover the benefits for today’s world
  • practice an extended form of loving-kindness and reflect on one’s own experience
  • explore ways of integrating this meditation practice into one’s daily lives for the sake of drawing closer to others and deepening our solidarity with all of humanity.
Clara Dina Hinojosa

ONLINE: From Conflict to Collaboration

Aug 7 (F) 12-1:30pm $30 (Pre-registration required.) Presented virtually via Zoom
In this course we will explore the polarities of the personality and how they impact our professional and personal relationships.

Conflict or collaboration is a choice and it becomes easier to choose collaboration when people understand each other, their needs, and the purpose of their differences.

Conflict can occur when we become subject to an illusion of power. The illusion is usually that one pole of a polarity is better than the other:
  • One is right, the other wrong
  • One is good, the other bad
  • One is strong, the other weak

Once we understand the true purpose of a polarity, collaboration becomes inevitable. Carl Jung's polarities of the personality can provide us with valuable insight on the causes of conflict and how to transform conflict into collaboration.

This webinar will be a fun and interactive session where you will learn about:
  • Typical conflicts between the types
  • Purpose of each polarity in the personality
  • Mindset needed for collaboration
  • Fruits of successful collaboration

John van der Steur

ONLINE: Immune Support through the Covid Season

Aug 5 (W) 12-1pm $30 (Pre-registration required.) Presented virtually via Zoom
A primary treatment strategy in Asian medicine is to treat the season you are in while preparing for the next. This presentation on “Immune Support through the Covid Season” is designed to do just that. 

Contained within centuries of experience asian medicine has insights on the nature of pathogenic influences and also, numerous self care techniques to assist in bolstering the the immune system through this season and the next. Prevention can become part of a lifestyle routine that can be both practical and pleasurable.

Lauren Nicita LAC.,LMST.,RYT.

ONLINE: Leadership Innovation Luncheon

August 20 (Th) 12noon-1pm $35 (Pre-registration required) Presented Virtually via Zoom
Team Human Book Discussion: Program or Be Programmed Join us for a luncheon discussion of technologist, author and academic Douglas Rushkoff's book Team Human. Team Human is a manifesto on what it means to be human in an increasingly technological world. Learn about the Russian anti-human religion that indoctrinated American technologists in the 1980s and continues to influence the way our technology is developed. Team Human makes the case that, while an anti-human agenda does exist in our technology, there are so many ways we can begin to use technology to serve us humans. Rushkoff believes that there is something special about humans that Artificial Intelligence will never recreate. Below are three free chapters from Rushkoff's book to get you started and give you an idea of the breadth of this topic: Evolution Made Us Cooperative, Not Competitive You Are the Sum of Your Friends Altruism Made Us Human Join us as we celebrate what it means to be on Team Human while exploring our technological and spiritual potential. Patricia Speier, DMin & Daniel Hope, MA

ONLINE: Practical Tools for Creating Meaningful Change In Your Life

July 24 (F) 12-1:30pm $30 (Pre-registration required) Presented Virtually on Zoom
Walking through change during these difficult times can be scary. I invite you to join me as we explore together various tools that will enable you to shed new light on your path. 

In combination the tips and tools provided will help you move away from fear, rediscover your creative spark, find your direction, and journey into meaningful action.

Clay Boykin

ONLINE: Reclaiming Creativity—Your Spark of the Sacred

Sept 11 (F) 12-1:30pm $35 (Pre-registration required.) Presented virtually via Zoom
“I’m not creative.” “I have two left feet.” “I can’t carry a tune in a paper bag.” “I can’t draw a straight line.”

If you’ve said any of these things about yourself, you’re invited to rethink your conclusions. All of us are creative beings and feel more joy, peace and contentment when we reconnect with this part of our being. 

Bring your voice, a pencil, some crayons or markers and some paper for this experiential workshop that will nudge all of us to reclaim the creativity we’ve misplaced, not developed or just haven’t made time for. No experience (except life) needed.

Beverly Voss, LCSW

ONLINE: Social Vulnerability and Determinants of Health

September 2 (W) 12noon-1:30pm $45 (Pre-registration required.) Presented virtually via Zoom
Dr. Tom Caven, MD is the Medical Director of Seton Health Alliance, developing health strategies and clinical integration. From 2001 to 2018 Dr. Caven was Chief Medical Officer and Medical Director at UMC Brackenridge Hospital, a member of the Seton Family of Hospitals. In 2012 he was elected UMC Brackenridge Physician of the Year by the medical staff leadership. Formerly he chaired the Board of the Seton Medical Group, and was the physician member of the Seton Network Risk Assessment Committee and the Ascension National Claims Committee, performing risk assessment and medicolegal analysis. He also formerly served as Technology Transfer Officer for the Seton Healthcare Family, supporting patenting and commercialization of Biomedical innovations for the healthcare network. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medical Education at Dell Medical School, UT Austin.

ONLINE: The Angel and the Assassin: A Book Discussion with Dr. Julie Reardon

Aug 12 (W) 12-1:30pm $45 (Pre-registration required.) Presented virtually via Zoom
Join Dr. Julie Reardon in an in-depth review and discussion of the cutting edge approach to brain health with the research on glial cells in the brain. This book, The Angel and the Assassin, and the connection between brain and body is a perfect example of integrative and functional medicine and how our health does not occur in silos. 

"Until recently, microglia were thought to be merely the brain’s housekeepers, helpfully removing damaged cells. But a recent groundbreaking discovery revealed them to be capable of terrifying Jekyll and Hyde behavior. When triggered—and anything that stirs up the immune system in the body can activate microglia—they can morph into destroyers, impacting a wide range of issues from memory problems and anxiety to depression and Alzheimer’s. Under the right circumstances, however, microglia can be coaxed back into being angelic healers, able to repair the brain in ways that help alleviate symptoms and hold the promise to one day prevent disease." 

Dr. Julie Reardon

ONLINE: Tuesday Restoring Balance Luncheon

$5 online lecture Presented virtually via Zoom
Is it possible to restore life balance over lunch? We'd like to think that such mindful changes can happen in small moments, so why not at lunch?


ONLINE: Voices for the Common Good

Sept 3 & 10 (Th) 12 Noon -1:00PM $35 (Pre-registration required.) Presented virtually via Zoom
Deborah Franke, MSOD, is a listed Prosocial Facilitator who is passionate about helping collaborative, values-driven organizations with facilitated interventions and communication strategies. She has a Masters in Organizational Development with a Graduate Certification in Conflict Resolution from Abilene Christian University; executive program training from the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management; and a BA from the University of Texas at Austin. Deborah serves the community on the Board of Directors at eremos, as leader of the Pondering the News program (a spiritual way to reframe daily news), and as President of an independent, Austin-based consulting company.