**Tuesday Restoring Balance Luncheon

$5 Bring your own brown bag lunch, beverages and cookies provided Reserve a box lunch by registering by 12 noon the Monday prior to each luncheon.
Is it possible to restore life balance over lunch? We'd like to think that such mindful changes can happen in small moments, so why not at lunch?


Flannery O’Connor The Habit of Being

Dec 8, 15 (F) 12 noon–1 pm $60 (Includes Lunch. Pre-registration is required.)
2-Part Series

“Where you come from is gone, where you thought you were going to was never there, and where you are is no good unless you can get away from it. Where is there a place for you to be? No place… Nothing outside you can give you any place. In yourself right now is all the place you’ve got.”
                            - Flannery O’Connor

Flannery O’Connor made it her habit TO BE—and to be it vividly. She lived with her birds and talked to her God. Her language was original, her imagination boundless, and her lessons to us remain fresh and worthy of exploration. Ginny Agnew is going to share favorite bits from O’Connor’s letters in The Habit of Being, and prayers from A Prayer Journal, which has been described as “a cry from the heart for love, grace, and art.”

Ginny Agnew

Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy by Anne Lamott

Jan 5 (F) 12 noon – 1 PM in the classroom $35 (Includes lunch. Pre-registration required.)
I’m not sure I even recognize the ever-presence of mercy anymore, the divine and the human: the messy, crippled, transforming, heartbreaking, lovely, devastating presence of mercy. But I have come to believe that I am starving to death for it, and my world is, too.
                                                       – Anne Lamott

Dean Dauphinais, a contributing writer for HuffPost wrote: “When I read Annie’s books, I feel like I’m being hugged by her words, and Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy is no exception. In fact, the words on the pages of this book are the best kind of hugs, full of love and hope and spirituality. And even though I don’t consider myself to be a very religious person, I am a big believer in love, hope, spirituality, and the comfort they bring to our lives. In Hallelujah Anyway, Anne Lamott explores the complicated concept of mercy. The dictionary may define mercy as ‘compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm,’ but Annie’s got a better definition: ‘Mercy is radical kindness,’ she writes. ‘Mercy means offering or being offered aid in desperate straits. Mercy is not deserved. It involves absolving the unabsolvable, forgiving the unforgivable.’ ”

Leadership Pilgrimage Informational Luncheons & Happy Hours

Oct 4 (W) 11:30am-1pm Nov 1 (W) 12-1:30pm Dec 13 (W) 12-1:30pm No Cost (Lunch provided. Pre-registration required)
You are invited to join other community leaders for lunch at the Cove, as we gather to present information on the 2018 Seton Cove Leadership Pilgrimage--a year-long program designed to provide leaders with an opportunity to reflect on their work, renew their spirit, and revitalize their understanding and practice of leadership.