Effortless Mindfulness Lunch-Hour Meditation

Wednesdays, 12pm-1pm No charge (please pre-register to receive the Zoom link)
In effortless mindfulness, we let go in order to open to an awareness that is naturally awake. Effortless mindfulness is founded upon the promise that the awakeness we are seeking is already here within us. Awakening is here now.
Please join us as we glimpse the Luminous Presence, discuss with, and support one another.

Beginners are welcome and encouraged to attend.
Will Boesl

ONLINE: Chair Yoga

Aug 19 (W), Sept 23 (W) 12-1pm $20 (Per class, pre-registration required.) Presented virtually via Zoom
Chances are you’re reading this description while seated in a chair; and if you’re like most of us, you’ve been there for a while.  Please join Jenny Orona in this relaxing and reviving hour-long Chair Yoga class. 

In this experiential class, we will:
  • Explore gentle movement that can be done anytime during the day to relieve the stress and strain on our bodies.
  • Move the neck, shoulders, and low back
  • Help bring fluidity back into joints and muscles, 
  • Practice meditation for the mind and the spirit 
These movements can be done using the chair as a prop or using the chair as a foundation for the practice.

Join us!

Jenny Orona, RYT, C-IAYT

ONLINE: Tuesday Restoring Balance Luncheon

$5 online lecture Presented virtually via Zoom
Is it possible to restore life balance over lunch? We'd like to think that such mindful changes can happen in small moments, so why not at lunch?