******Leadership Pilgrimage: A Program for Visionary Leaders 2020

Feb 20-22, 2020 June 11-13, 2020 September 17-19, 2020 All retreats are held at Canyon of the Eagles located in the Texas Hill Country. Program fee: $3,650/$3,290 (non-profits). Includes program materials, lodging, and meals.

As the foundation of Seton Cove’s leadership programs, the Leadership Pilgrimage provides leaders an opportunity to reflect on their personal identity and work through a year-long program that includes three retreats. These retreats are designed for the lives of busy professionals who generally don’t make time to renew their spirit and revitalize their understanding and practice of leadership.

Located in the Texas Hill Country, retreats are just far enough away to be accessible while still off the grid of daily life. Retreats are designed to be logistically feasible, beginning on Thursday afternoons and continuing through mid-day Saturday--striking the perfect balance between not missing too much work and not giving up an entire weekend.

The Leadership Pilgrimage mixes individual and group experiences that ultimately allow each person to slow down and regain awareness required to do "inner work" that modern life rarely enables. The use of personal stories, tales from the wisdom traditions, contemporary thinkers, and experiential exercises will facilitate individual reflection and group discussion.

Facilitators: Patricia Speier, D.Min & Joe Barry, MA

Annual Contemplative Retreat - 2020

Dec 1-5, 2020 Location: Redemptorist Center of Renewal, Tucson, AZ $1,500 (Includes private room, private bath, all meals, program and materials. Transportation to Tucson is not included. A $500 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration.)

Join Patty Speier, Executive Director of Seton Cove and Senior Director of Formation for Ascension Health, at the stunningly beautiful Redemptorist Renewal Center in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona.


Patricia Speier, DMin

The Most Important Thing: A Quiet Day in the Texas Hill Country

Mar 4 (W) 9am-4pm Location: Juniper Hills $125 (Includes light breakfast and lunch. Pre-registration required. Refunds not available for retreats and off-site programs.)
For this quiet day we will use Adyashanti’s latest book, The Most Important Thing: Discovering Truth at the Heart of Life as “a way to surface insights that can help us discover the most important things for ourselves.” So states poet and philosopher, Mark Nepo about this wisdom-filled book that helps us focus on the essential question “What is the most important thing in your life? Do not assume it is the first idea that pops into your mind. Discovering it may take some real investigation and some serious contemplation. It will be worth the effort and can be a turning point in whatever area of your life you apply it to.” (Adyashanti) 

Please join me for a day of silence, meditation, journal writing, walking in nature, and measured discussion about the most important thing. 

Patricia Speier, DMin

The Practice of Contemplative Leadership 2020: ProSocial: Moving from Competition to Collaboration

Feb 6, May 7, Aug 6, Nov 5, (Th) 9am-4pm Location: Texas Hill Country $775 (Includes light breakfast and lunch. Pre-registration required. Refunds not available for retreats and off-site programs.)
The Practice of Contemplative Leadership is a series of four retreats held over a year’s time, designed to renew the spirit and inspire the leadership of innovative leaders who wish to use their leadership to transform themselves, their organizations and our culture from ego-centric competition to eco-centric cooperation and collaboration. This work brings together the spiritual teachings of the world’s major wisdom traditions with the cutting-edge science of evolutionary biology and neuroscience. A contemplative leader is one who, through practice, learns to see with ego-less clarity.

All retreats are held in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

These retreats are specifically designed for graduates of the Leadership Pilgrimage but are open to all leaders interested in cultivating presence for societal transformation. (If you are not a graduate of the Leadership Pilgrimage, and would like to participate, call 512-451-0272 today and we will set up a phone introduction/overview with Patty Speier.)

Patricia Speier, DMin