(Not) Naming the Divine, a PrayerSong Workshop

Mary Oliver wrote “I do not know exactly what a prayer is.” Carrie Newcomer sings “I do not know its name.” Yet both artists describe beautifully their encounters with the Divine.

We too experience the sacred in our ordinary lives when we pause to notice. Let’s take Mary Oliver’s instructions to heart: “Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.”

In this workshop, you will have time to be inspired by PrayerSongs and poetry and to listen to your inner voice as you explore the ways you personally connect with what is sacred to you. You will also have ample time to write your own poem or PrayerSong, following very clear, simple prompts.

Julie Bowman 
Jan 25 (Sat)
$35 (Pre-registration required.)

Julie Bowman has been teaching Mindful Photography classes around Austin almost as long as she’s been reading Mary Oliver and humming along with Carrie Newcomer. She describes this workshop as “perfect for poetry lovers who don’t (yet) consider themselves poets.”


$35.00 Everyone


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Seats Available
Saturday, January 25, 2020
Jan 25 (Sat) 9am–12:30pm
Seton Cove
3708 Crawford Street
Austin, TX 78731
Julie Bowman