*****Soul-Full Conversations: Becoming by Michelle Obama

Oprah has chosen Becoming for her book club, so let’s join the fun and have our own soulful conversations about this strong, smart, sensitive woman who served as our First Lady from 2009—2017. Writing the day after the 2016 Presidential election, Otto Scharmer, creator of Theory U and economist at MIT, pointed to Michelle Obama “as the only effective voice against” candidate Trump. He went on to explain: When you watch her speeches in New Hampshire and Phoenix you see the answer: she responded to him not with hate and fear. Instead, she spoke with empathy, authentic reflection, and compassion. She courageously exposed her own vulnerability showing up as a human being. Michelle Obama also does not primarily focus on the “opponent,” but rather on her own experience, her own opening process, and on the positive future that she feels is wanting to emerge. That’s what it takes to be a warrior of the third category, a warrior of the open heart: as you engage the current moment, your eye is on the future that is seeking to emerge—not on the past that you try to fight against.
Please join us for a thoughtful discussion on how Michelle Obama might serve as a guide to our own “becoming” and help us focus on the positive future that is wanting to emerge and how we, too, can become “warriors of the open heart” who face the future and bring about change with wisdom and compassion.
Patricia Speier, DMin
Jan 17, 31, Feb 14, 28 (Th)
10–11:30 am
$85 (Pre-registration required.)
Patricia Speier, DMin, is Executive Director of the Seton Cove and Director of Formation for Ascension Health. She is a spiritual director, teacher, and retreat facilitator who specializes in the use of literature and writing for spiritual growth and ethical development. She is passionate about the connection between Spirituality and Leadership and has developed the Leadership Pilgrimage, a year long intensive for leaders in all fields (business, medicine, law, religion, non-profit) which is now in its 14th year. Speier is a 2008 DMin graduate of Perkins School of Theology and a graduate of Seminary of the Southwest. She has studied spirituality at the Pecos Benedictine Monastery in New Mexico and Integral Spirituality with Ken Wilbur.


$85.00 Everyone
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