Art and Resurrection

For centuries, artists have created images of the Resurrection in sculpture, painting, frescoes, and iconography. Looking both at the artists of the Renaissance who depicted the theology of Western Christianity as well as the icon painters whose imagery reflected Eastern Christianity’s beliefs, there is evidence of a split between the two branches of Christianity: individual versus universal resurrection. Could it be that out of the creative tension between those differing viewpoints, in the art of today’s modern era, a new way of approaching resurrection has emerged as artists consider their vocation as a spiritual practice?

Join us as we follow the art historical thread of belief that runs through the roots of Resurrection alongside a modern artist’s approach to the spirituality embedded in the cycles of birth, death, and resurrection.
Lynda Young Kaffie
Sept 12 (Th) 
$35 (Includes lunch. Pre-registration required.)

lynda young kaffie at seton coveLynda Young Kaffie, BFA, MAPM is an artist and spiritual director who focuses on contemplative practice and the intersection of art and spirituality. She completed a degree in art history from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, and has worked in the private sector, in business, in state government, and as a commercial real estate broker before returning to the art field. She has received a Master of Arts in pastoral ministry from the Seminary of the Southwest in Austin, Texas, and has been trained in the mindfulness-based practices of the Hakomi Method.


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