“The human brain is the most complex and amazing object in existence. As such, it’s important to know about it and to love it. It is estimated that your brain has 100 billion nerve cells and more connections in it than there are stars in the universe. It is the hardware of your soul. It is the hardware of your very essence as a human being, and you cannot be who you really want to be unless your brain works properly. How your brain works determines how happy you are, how effective you feel, and how well you interact with others.”
~ Dr. Daniel Amen, MD, author of New York Times
Bestseller, Change Your Brain, Change Your Life

Join Dr. Shelly Sethi, MD, as she returns to the Cove to lead this fascinating and experiential session on the gifts of neuroplasticity — the ability of the brain to change and reorganize itself and its function throughout the lifespan. It is the brain’s way of tuning itself to meet your needs. Neuroplasticity also makes your brain extremely resilient and is the process by which all permanent learning takes place in your brain. Neuroplastic changes in the brain can occur through mind-body practices such as cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation and mindfulness practices. On the other hand, neuroplastic change is also the cause of over-reactive patterns such as depression, anxiety, obsession and other patterns of worry or tension. By understanding how we can utilize mind-body practices to restore, heal and be present, we can increase our resilience and utilize the neuroplastic nature of our brains to make positive transformations instead of being stuck in a cycle of negative thought patterns.

Dr. Shelly Sethi, MD
Nov 9 (W), 6–8 pm
(Pre-registration is required.)

Dr. Shelly Sethi is a board certified integrative family physician in private practice in Austin. She believes in the whole mind-body-spirit approach to nourish our bodies and health. She has received training through a fellowship in integrative medicine with Dr. Weil and Dr. Low Dog and has studied yoga and many forms of meditation and stress reduction for over twenty years. She has a special interest in wellness through natural means and works with her clients to help them feel empowered to take control of their health through the understanding that lifestyle choices affect our well-being. She has been practicing wellness medicine for fifteen years.


$45.00 Everyone
$40.50 Seton Associates


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