Boundaries as Spiritual Practice

“Boundaries”... what do you think of when you hear this term? Borders? Fences? An energy force? We each have a boundary system—a system of setting limits that enhances our ability to have a sense of self. Boundaries are also the spiritual practice that helps us calm the body enough to observe and access truth, love and the infinite.
Being more awake to our own practice of boundaries will help us to contain and protect our reality, acknowledge our value and worth, and foster moderation and balance in our living.
Join Licensed Professional Counselor, trainer, and life coach Cynthia Schiebel as she guides you in better understanding external and internal boundary systems; appropriate boundaries and boundary violations; and practices for establishing a healthy boundary system of your own.
Cynthia Schiebel, LPC-S, LCDC
Jan 30, Feb 6 (W)
$65 (Includes lunch. Pre-registration required.)
Cynthia Schiebel, LPC-S, LCDC is a therapist, trainer, and life coach in private practice in South Austin. Prior to opening her full time practice in 2005, Cynthia spent 28 years in the education field as a consultant, administrator, prevention specialist, counselor, speech pathologist and classroom teacher. The focus of her practice is addictions, developmental maturity, and spiritual development. When not supporting the path of others, Cynthia fuels her own path through acting, basket weaving, ushering at Bass Concert Hall and Zach Theater and spending time with friends, family and her feline ward, Bijoux.


$65.00 Everyone
$58.50 Seton, Ascension & Providence Associates


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