Brain Fit: Lifestyle Practices to Optimize Your Mind, Focus, and Mood

Did you know that you can make your brain bigger, stronger, and even younger by implementing some very simple strategies? 

Learn the latest on how to eat, sleep, move, connect, relax and play to optimize your brain function.  As an example, did you know that dark chocolate can boost blood flow to your brain, and help improve your mood and focus?

In this workshop, you will learn simple, practical ways to boost your brain, the best evidence based food and supplement recommendations and the top daily habits to stay brain fit for the rest of your life.

Dr. Shelly Sethi
Nov 13 (W) 
$50 (Includes lunch. Pre-registration required.)

Dr. Shelly Sethi is a double board certified family physician who provides integrative and functional medicine to people who are looking for clarity and root-cause resolution of their chronic health issues or to people who want to optimize their body and brain to live to their full potential. She provides a step-by-step system that is customized for your unique health condition. Her program reverse engineers your health goals by understanding your genetic potential and focuses on recovery from stress exposure. This results in more energy, a clear mind, and an optimized body and spirit which improves your relationships, impact, and lifestyle.

She is a national speaker in the field of Integrative Medicine and a #1 best selling author of “Built to Thrive. Overcome Chronic Illness, Fatigue and Hormonal Imbalance and Get Your Energy and Vitality Back Without Medication or Surgery.” She is the Founder of Dr. Shelly Sethi Personalized Medicine and has a special interest in botanical medicine and culinary medicine.  Additionally, she teaches culinary medicine workshops and mind-body seminars in Austin. She helps her patients achieve health by focusing on nutrition science, sleep physiology, stress management, exercise physiology, connection to community and spiritual practices to minimize the risk of chronic disease onset, while simultaneously improving healthspan. She enjoys the practice of yoga and has studied various methods of meditation for over twenty years.


$50.00 Everyone


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