ChaDo or “The Way of Tea”

The Japanese tea ceremony is more appropriately called ChaDo (Tea Way). It involves social, aesthetic, and spiritual aspects. With roots among Zen monks in the twelfth century, it has elements of five world religions, and has spread to more than thirty-two countries. The principles of Chado are harmony, respect, purity, and enlightenment. One can enjoy quiet, flowing moments with others while appreciating nature and more than fifteen arts and crafts.

Mindfully preparing and receiving a bowl of tea can train awareness that generalizes to everyday activities. One Chado Grand Master says that “peace on earth can begin with a bowl of tea.”

Dr. Sheila Fling and Linda Mosley

Aug 15 (Th)
$35 (Pre-registration is required.)

Dr. Sheila Fling and her student Linda Mosley 
will introduce a beginning lesson from the Urasenke tradition. Sheila (tea name Soshin) holds four chado teaching certificates and is a Distinguished Professor Emerita of Psychology at Texas State University. Linda holds two chado teaching certificates, an MFA in Ceramics, and teaches both pottery and chado in Austin.


$35.00 Everyone


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