Conscious Campaigning with Matthew Dowd

"In 2013, the book “Conscious Capitalism” became a best-seller by advocating a new approach to the practice of business and the corporate culture in America. Quoting from the author and founder of Whole Foods, John Mackey, “Just as happiness is best experienced by not aiming for it directly, profits are best achieved by not making them the primary goal of business.” I would stipulate that winning a campaign victory is best achieved by not making that the primary goal of politics—which leads me to advocate for the 2020 presidential candidates and their operatives engaging in “conscious campaigns.” Before you accuse me of being naïve or not understanding how campaigns work, it might be valuable to consider that I have worked on over 100 winning campaigns in the past 35 years including two winning presidential efforts. I understand the commitment and strength required to succeed, and I admit that I often fell down in my objective of being involved in a conscious campaign. I have realized more and more in the last ten years that we must stop the “ends justify the means” approach to governance, politics and life, and must instead replace it with a means-justify-the-ends dynamic. If the means are compassionate, intentional and ethical, the ends will be just fine and will succeed." -Matthew Dowd
Matthew Dowd returns to the Cove to share 35+ years of political wisdom and to advocate for campaigns that are more enlightened and conscious and which seek to heal instead of hurt. Matthew offers ten commitments that he would like to see every campaign employ as folks across the political spectrum seek the highest office in America as well as those candidates running for office up and down the ballot. Matthew believes that if campaigns are run in a conscious fashion, it is much more likely that leaders, once elected, will govern in a manner more in alignment with justice, integrity, and the common good. Don’t miss this timely and insightful look into politics from a soul-centered perspective.
Matthew Dowd
May 2 (Th)
Program fee: $65
The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd - 3201 Windsor Rd, Austin, TX 78703
Matthew Dowd is the New York Times best-selling co-author of Applebee’s America: How Successful Political, Business, and Religious Leaders Connect with the New American Community and chief analyst for ABC News. He is the founder of four companies and ListenTo.Us—a community of independent-minded folks interested in commonsense leadership. He has been a strategist for CEOs and politicians on both sides of the aisle but today is a die-hard independent. He was born in Detroit and now lives in central Texas.


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