Drumming on the Edge of Magic

Drumming can provide us a pathway to use our creative instincts as tools and medicines. Indigenous cultures have known and practiced this for eons. We all have numerous candles of innovation ready to be lit in our hearts! Come join us for this hour of hand drumming and allow me to light one up! Drumming has been used for hundreds of years around the world to connect to a higher power, to release stress and relieve tension, to heal body, mind, and spirit, to celebrate Earth changes and life changes, to build and strengthen community bonds, and to celebrate the simple joy of being alive. On this eve before The Fall Equinox let us come together and share in this opportunity for reflection and gratitude for the harvest of our lives in the seasons past, and a deepened awareness of the sacredness in all things. 

Sherry Gingras
Sept 19 (Th) 
$35 (Pre-registration required.)
sherry gingras of drumz
Sherry Gingras has been teaching hand drumming in Austin since 1998. She is the owner of DRUMZ, A World Percussion Paradise in Austin where she sells drums and hand percussion and teaches many classes in West African Style Drumming. Sherry graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a BA degree in Psychology. She has studied West African music and drumming for the past 20-plus years and is the teacher and director of The Drumsistas student performance group as well as founder and director of the all women’s professional performance ensemble, The Djembabes. Sherry is also a certified drum circle facilitator and facilitates drum circles for various businesses, private parties, organizations, and schools in Austin for team building as well as recreation. Sherry has studied with renown teachers Mamady Keita and Famadou Konate in Guinea, West Africa, as well as many other African, African American, and European teachers and many other North American West African Drum teachers now in the US. After her studies in Africa she returned to her teaching with a much deeper understanding and gratitude for the music she teaches and the people and land that have given birth to this music, as well as a heightened commitment to her work. Sherry believes strongly in the arts and music as powerful tools for social action and collective as well as individual growth, change, healing, and transformation of body, mind, and spirit. Women’s drumming , in particular, has provided a vehicle for women’s empowerment and healing and an awakening to the creative spirit and voice inside, giving women a much needed vehicle of expression for their passion, their dreams, their visions , and their purpose and a pathway towards committing themselves to action. She teaches men, women, and children to Drum at her beautiful store on Kerbey Lane.


$35.00 Everyone


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