Essential Oils 101

“As many people look for natural and safe remedies, essential oils are surging in popularity. Experts at the Mayo Clinic sometimes suggest essential oil for headaches, mental fatigue, restlessness, anxiety, nausea and sleep.” -The Mayo Clinic
In this introductory class, you will learn the definition of an essential oil, and the benefits and safe use of essential oils. We will share current research information and how some hospital systems have incorporated essential oils into practice. Participants will also receive free essential oil samples to begin experiencing the benefits.
Lisa Votti, RN, MSN & Amanda Porter
Feb 20 (W)
$35 (Includes lunch. Includes free essential oil samples. Pre-registration required.)
Lisa Votti, RN, MSN is a clinical informatics specialist for Ascension Texas. She received her undergraduate degree in nursing from the University of Texas at Austin and a Master of Science degree in nursing from Walden University. Throughout her 33-year nursing career she has advocated for complementary care. She studied Holistic Touch under Sr. Hannah O ’Donoghue, CCVI, RN, MS and Lauren Nicita, LAC, LMST, IYRT at the Seton Cove and used this technique with her patients. For the past two years she has been educating the public on the benefits of using essential oils to support the body, mind, and spirit. Lisa will be accompanied by fellow teacher, Amanda Porter. Amanda has been teaching about essential oils for 4 years and loves teaching others how to live a healthy lifestyle incorporating the use of essential oils.


$35.00 Everyone
$31.50 Seton, Ascension & Providence Associates


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