Heroic Presence and the Rogue Archetypes: Overcoming the Victim, the Saboteur and the Sellout

Have you ever been handed a golden opportunity, but instead of embracing your good fortune you squander it and sabotage any chances for success?

If this sounds familiar then you have felt the Saboteur Archetype at work.  You are also in good company because each of us holds the Saboteur Archetype within ourselves.  While it may manifest differently for different people, the results are always the same: opportunities are squandered and we are left frustrated and confused.

The Saboteur is one of 3 undermining influences which I call the Rogue Archetypes.  They include the Victim, the Saboteur and the Sellout.  Each of them holds us back in unique and destructive ways - but, if we are wise and courageous, they each have a valuable lesson to teach.  

Heroic Presence is a newly-envisioned take on Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey. Heroic Presence introduces future-oriented metaphors and inclusive language that encourages adventure and transformation while honoring our current relationships and the power of the present moment.  Transformation through Heroic Presence happens in 3 stages and the Rogue Archetypes will impede our progress at every stage, unless we approach them with courage and awareness.

The Victim asks, "Who are you to aspire to greatness?" The Saboteur asks, "What will you sacrifice to maintain control?", and the Sellout asks, “What is the price of your soul?”  Join me as we answer these questions and discover what the Rogue Archetypes can teach us on our spiritual journey.
Daniel Hope, MA
Mar 26 (Th)
$50 (Includes lunch. Pre-registration required.)

Daniel Hope, MA is a formation manager, educator, and spiritual director at Seton Cove. Daniel was previously at Seminary of the Southwest where he worked in administration and earned his counseling degree with a focus on Marriage and Family therapy. While studying at Southwest he founded the marriage retreat and workshop series, The Commitment Project. Daniel is an alum of Google’s Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and is passionate about bringing spirituality and mindfulness into the workplace. Daniel also has a background in social media strategy and has spoken at 3 SXSW Interactive conferences regarding the intersection of technology, psychology and spirituality. Daniel and his wife, Leslie, just celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary and live in North Austin with their two daughters, Camilla and Violet and their toddler, George.


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