Heroic Presence: The New Hero’s Journey and the Enneagram

The Hero’s Journey summons images of knights slaying dragons and perilous journeys to distant lands. These are the metaphors so often associated with our work and our relationships, but what if these metaphors are failing us? Is the departure on this journey and its solitary nature contributing to our new epidemics of loneliness and burnout? What if there was a new way of viewing both our work and our worth?

This program will introduce a new metaphorical framework for life called Heroic Presence. We will also show how this radical 3 step process ties directly into our personality construct or Enneagram type.

In this interactive workshop you will learn:
  • Why the popular understanding of departure in the hero’s journey is harmful to community and relationships
  • An inclusive metaphor that transcends gender, race and sexuality
  • How some narratives assume others must lose for us to succeed
  • New ways of viewing your worth independent of works
  • How to move from a solitary narrative to a rich constellation of dynamic stories
See how these ancient vehicles for understanding our inner and outer worlds can work together to build a more connected and meaningful future.
Will Boesl & Daniel Hope, MA
Sept 19 (Th) 
$50 (Includes lunch. Pre-registration required.)
Will Boesl is a program manager, catalogue editor-designer, marketer, educator, and spiritual director at Seton Cove. He specializes in the use of creativity and mindfulness for spiritual growth. Will is passsionate about helping people access their inner creativity and teaches in an interspiritual language using an integrative style based in the wisdom traditions, modern science, and mindfulness. Will is finishing his MA in Spiritual Formation from Seminary of the Southwest and has a BA in Communication from the University of Texas A&M. He is a Veriditas trained Labyrinth facilitator and local musician.
Daniel Hope, MA is a formation manager, educator, and spiritual director at Seton Cove. Daniel was previously at Seminary of the Southwest where he worked in administration and earned his counseling degree with a focus on Marriage and Family therapy. While studying at Southwest he founded the marriage retreat and workshop series, The Commitment Project. Daniel is an alum of Google’s Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute and is passionate about bringing spirituality and mindfulness into the workplace. Daniel also has a background in social media strategy and has spoken at 3 SXSW Interactive conferences regarding the intersection of technology, psychology and spirituality. Daniel and his wife, Leslie, are about to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary and live in North Austin with their two daughters, Camilla and Violet and their toddler, George.


$50.00 Everyone


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