How to Handle the Stress of Your Newsfeed: Staying Centered in the Digital World

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Is the never-ending negative news cycle taking its toll on you? Is your stress response often activated as you turn on the TV or scroll through social media? Join us for this lunch-hour session with Dr. Michelann Quimby, a leading expert in cyber-psychology, online engagement, activism burnout, self-care, and how to stay mentally and spiritually healthy in our digital world. 

 The internet has become an integral part of modern life. Whether welcomed or intrusive, how we connect with our friends and family, shop, and learn is very often mediated by digital means. The internet can fascinate and beguile us while creating deep imbalances in how we perceive the world and each other. It can also facilitate human community, compassion, and understanding. This interactive and engaging session will explore ways to reconnect with our inner truth and well-being while immersed in a rapidly changing, digitally mediated world.

 Dr. Michelann Quimby, PhD
 May 26 (F) 12noon-1:30pm 
 $25 (Brown bag lunch. Pre-registration required.) 

 Dr. Michelann Quimby, PhD is an internet psychology and culture researcher. She teaches Leadership and Communication at St. Edward’s University and consults on the psychology of online culture, leadership, and ethics. She holds a PhD in Human Development from Fielding Graduate University and a Master of Organizational Leadership and Ethics from St. Edward’s University. Dr. Quimby lives in Austin with her husband and daughter where they enjoy catching Pokemon, exploring the area, and discovering interesting food.


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Seats Available

Friday, May 26, 2017
May 26 (F) 12noon-1:30pm $25 (Brown bag lunch. Pre-registration required.)

Seton Cove
3708 Crawford Street
Austin, TX 78731

Michelann Quimby