How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read

“If you don’t read one book this year, make this the one!” —Bloomsbury Press

 In this delightfully witty, provocative book—a huge hit in France that has drawn attention from critics and readers around the world, literature professor and psychoanalyst Pierre Bayard argues that not having read a book need not be an impediment to having an interesting conversation about it (in fact, he says, in certain situations reading the book is the worst thing you could do). Using examples from such writers as Graham Green, Oscar Wilde, Montaigne, and Umberto Eco, he describes the varieties of “non-reading”—from books that you’ve never heard of to books that you’ve read and forgotten—and offers advice on how to turn a sticky social situation into an occasion for creative brilliance. Practical, funny, and thought-provoking, How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read is in the end a love letter to books, offering a whole new perspective on how we read and absorb them. It’s a book for book lovers everywhere to enjoy, ponder, and argue about—and perhaps even read. 

 Ginny Agnew
 May 3 (W) 12noon-1pm 
 $35 (Includes lunch. Pre-registration required)

 Ginny Agnew is an Austin lawyer, political activist and poet. She leads weekly Seton Cove mindfulness meditation sessions and is a regular presenter at Seton Cove on a variety of subjects that always include laughter. Ginny also works as a reference librarian.




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