Lunch with the Mystic: Bill Wilson

“Oh, God,” he cried, and it was the sound not of a man, but of a trapped and crippled animal.  “If there is a God, show me.  Show me.  Give me some sign.” -Bill Wilson

As Bill Wilson, the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous and the Twelve-Steps, formed these words, a light, a great white light that filled the room suddenly seemed to catch him up in a kind of joy, an ecstasy such as would never find words to describe.  Mystics have had at least one significant encounter with the Divine, which is all it takes, and which they themselves cannot understand or describe as a clear concept.  Mystics - those who have experienced union with the Divine - are in love, in love with life and life for all.  Come and explore how the Twelve Step recovery method is much more than a way to escape the clutches of addictive behaviors but is about freeing yourself for wholehearted living and giving to others.

Sarah Hales
Sep 26 (W)
$35 (Includes lunch.  Pre-registration required)

Sarah Hales, M.A.R. is a spiritual director and graduate of the Seminary of the Southwest and The Shalem Institute.  She is Holistic Touch Certified and works as a volunteer with Hospice Austin’s Christopher House.


$35.00 Everyone
$31.50 Seton, Ascension & Providence Associates


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