“To my mind, Haiku is—beyond all doubt—at once the simplest and most sophisticated form of literature in the world. For the invariable mark of great artistry is its artlessness; it looks easy, it looks almost as if it were a work not of art but of nature.” —Alan Watts
In the West, we have a vague sense that poetry is good for our souls, that it makes us sensitive and wiser. Yet we don’t always know how that should work, and thus poetry has a hard time finding its way into our lives in a practical sense. In the East however, there is a well-known 17th century mystic, monk, and poet—Matsuo Basho—who knew precisely what effect poetry was meant to produce. It is a medium designed to guide us to the states of presence, wisdom, and calm as they are defined in Zen Buddhist philosophy. Basho is the father of Haiku poetry—a gentle and approachable spiritual art form which elicits an enlightened state of mind and allows one to feel a brief sensation of transcending the small self and merging with the natural world. In recent years, Haiku has gained considerable traction within the field of psychotherapy, and it has become an invaluable therapeutic tool that is empirically validated to enhance mindfulness and bring about healing in both reader and writer. Join us for this lunch-hour workshop to learn about and experience what this simple spiritual art form can do for you.
This is a CEU Accredited class. Professional Counselors, Chaplains, and Social Workers earn 1 hour of continuing education.
Will Fiorello, MA
Aug 18 (F)
$35 (Includes lunch. Pre-registration required.)
Will Fiorello, MA, is an educator, program manager, and spiritual director at The Seton Cove. He is passionate about supporting the unique life journey of each person he works with, and finds great purpose in accompanying others as they cultivate emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness.  He utilizes a variety of therapeutic and educational tools--ranging from the contemplative practices of the ancient mystics to the latest advances in neuroscience and mindfulness. Will received his Master of Arts in Counseling from the Seminary of the Southwest, and his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Miami University, and studied Analytical and Depth Psychology at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich. He is a Veriditas® trained and certified Labyrinth facilitator, and a faculty member of the Mystic Heart Wisdom School.


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