You are invited to the art opening of Deborah Cole at The Seton Cove.

Meet the Artist, Deborah Cole
The Heart and Soul of Others
March 20 (F)
5:30 – 7:00 pm
No charge - Please RSVP!

Deborah Cole Artist Statement

Through occupation by foreign governments, revolution, communism, blockades and hardships, the Cuban people have survived. Their passion for life, love of home and family and incredible resilience have sustained them through it all. 

Another small area of the world is Bhutan also called “The Happiest Place on Earth.” This small kingdom is governed by a king and a parliament who intentionally control outside influences from the outside world in a similar manner as Cuba, but with different methods and outcomes.

No matter what the governmental influences in all countries, people are still people throughout the world with hearts and souls fed by love, care, family, purpose and spirit. Stresses appear in all lives, but the heart and soul of the people survives and endures.

As a street photographer I have had the privilege to interact with the Cuban and Bhutanese people capturing the beauty of their faces and their everyday lives.

By understanding more about our brothers and sisters of all nations I hope to reinforce the idea that we are all ONE in this world with similar needs and goals. And through this compassion emerges love.


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