Meet the Artist: Virgina Fleck

Seton Cove presents Virginia Fleck, the Austin Critics Table best artist for 2018-19, in the July/August show of her signed, limited edition archival pigment mandala prints on Hanemuhle paper. Her rich colorful artwork has been exhibited in New York City, Miami, Berlin, and Bologna, Italy, and is collected around the world.

Virginia is known for her ebullient plastic bag mandalas and glittering installations of aluminum can tabs. She uses post-consumer materials as a media of joyful defiance, unearthing the hidden beauty of disposable items that continually pass through her hands. Her Happy Wall Design business and public art installations feature charming, uplifting artworks that offer sanctuary from the daily challenges faced by healthcare patients and staff.

Meet the Artist, Virginia Fleck
July 12 (F)
5:30 – 7:00 pm
No charge - Please RSVP!

Virginia's Artist Statement

The graphics and slogans printed on plastic bags are the results of exhaustive market research by advertisers. With an Exacto knife, I take aim at these graphics, and through the slow deliberate action of cutting, I extract, alter and subvert those consumer messages. Indulging my inherently playful nature, I take consumerism and wrestle it through the sieve of formal beauty. 

A mandala is a universal, non-religious tool for meditation typically composed of highly decorative, symmetrical patterns. While a mandala is not sacred per se, they do appear, in some form, in almost every religion or spiritual practice. The carefully chosen symbols and imagery of a traditional meditation mandala imbue it with a meaningfulness that provides guidance on one’s path to enlightenment. 

These mandalas are intricately crafted, large scaled works that reference painting, but are created by collaging pieces of detritus from a consumerist society in a way that exposes the efforts of advertisers to influence the masses. The resulting works, each crafted from thousands of pieces of used plastic bags imprinted with familiar logos and slogans, can be both humorous and unnerving.




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