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Meditation has been studied over 30 years and is an evidence-based method that counteracts daily stress responses. The effects have been shown in MRIs of the brain, in biochemical changes in blood, and even in genetic changes in the body.
This mind-body method has been proven to significantly improve health and quality of life for patients with illnesses that are caused or made worse by stress, including obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, pain and fatigue syndromes, mood disorders and many others. It has also been shown to decrease complications in cancer treatment, surgical procedures, and improve pain in both acute and chronic pain disorders. It has been shown to also improve attention, increase creativity and provide greater cognitive flexibility.
This stress-reduction workshop will help each participant to:
  • Understand stress and disease affect the body and its consequences
  • Become familiar with current research on meditation and its role in stress-reduction and healing
  • Learn and practice a simple mindfulness, evidenced based method to reduce stressful stimuli
July 19 (Wed)
Aug 30 (Wed)
Sept 22 (Fri)
9am - 12pm
Location: Seton Cove
$50 (Pre-registration required)
Jill Frank, Anna Vu-Wallace and David Wallace
 Anna Vu-Wallace, MD, is an Internal Medicine physician with a focus on peri-operative medicine. She is a former part-owner and has served as Medical Director and Board Member for Hospital Internists of Austin. She began her meditation study 9 years ago with an Eastern practice and is now practicing Centering meditation. She is trained and certified to teach the Centering Method through Contemplative Outreach. Dr. Vu also studied stress-reduction and the relaxation response through the Benson-Henry Institute, Harvard Medical School.

 David Wallace is a Certified Life Coach working with his clients to help them understand themselves better. David has a Master in Business Administration, was previously a Director of Baylor University’s Executive MBA Program, and has been in senior sales and business development roles in his 25+ year career. Through a calling to help others see that they are not their “resumes”, he left the corporate world to become a full-time Life Coach in October 2015. He has been a daily meditation practitioner for over 5 years and is a Commissioned Presenter of the Centering Method through Contemplative Outreach.


$45.00Seton Associates



Seats Available

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Aug 30 (Wed) 9am - 12pm

Seton Cove
3708 Crawford Street
Austin, TX 78731

David Wallace

Seats Available

Friday, September 22, 2017
Sept 22 (Fri) 9am - 12pm

Seton Cove
3708 Crawford Street
Austin, TX 78731

Anna Vu-Wallace