Moving To Heal: The Art of Feeling Better

with Somatic Educator & Nia® Training Faculty, Julie Ann Wylie
“Self-Healing usually does not consist of a single, dramatic act, but instead is generally composed of a
long series of small acts of self-kindness, guided by pleasure. Over time, as these acts accumulate, people
become eminently skillful at exercising their self-healing powers.”
 - Debbie Rosas & Carlos Aya-Rosas, The Nia Technique

Feeling better is a birthright. Our innate body-mind intelligence exchange is designed to acknowledge
what we sense and use this information to become self-aware. Developing awareness may seem a mystical
ideal, but it is not. Awareness begins as a somatic process. Sensation, the voice of the Body, communicates perpetually; once received and acknowledged, choice honors this body-mind collaboration. Created in the image of Source, our Spirit is highly aware of all that is. Spiritual embodiment expresses this connection between Spirit and the experience of consciously living life through our sacred vessel called Body. As a receptacle for our soul’s nourishment, sustenance is found when we are present to information attracting our attention. We feel our way into transformation.
During this two-part series, you’ll learn practical techniques for listening to your body’s voice and using this information to foster health, fitness, and well-being. Through increased self-awareness, respecting the divine design of the body, experience movement as medicine to feel better. Take this opportunity to discover more about self-awareness using this fun and effective method for learning to listen to your body’s messages. Leave having embodied a sustainable method for living a vibrant, sensational life.
Julie Ann Wylie, Nia® Certified Training Faculty
Nov 2, 9 (Th)
6:30–8 pm
$65 (Pre-registration required.)
About Julie Ann Wylie: A dynamic, inspiring and intuitive member of Nia’s Training Faculty with over 30 years of movement experience and a 1st Degree Black Belt certification from the Nia Technique, Julie brings deep enthusiasm and intimacy to her classes. Creating a comfortable, safe space for individuals to find physical, mental and emotional health and healing through movement in her special events and workshops. Years of stressful work in retail management found her ill-equipped to deal with the shock of a sudden loss. Grief had dropped her into foreign territory—her body—and
she found herself yearning for comfort. Solace and ease presented themselves through mindful movement. Through Nia Technique and Tai Chi Julie has found practices that combine her love of movement with her physiology training. She’s a spirited, down to earth teacher by nature, and has been leading holistic workshops since 2005. She inspires participants
toward feel-better, move-more, right-life choices.


$65.00 Everyone
$58.50 Seton, Ascension & Providence Associates


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