ONLINE:A Conversation of Wonderment between Mary Oliver and Colette

Colette the French libertine who brought us Gigi and so much more and Mary Oliver the quietly Lesbian American may not seem an obvious pairing. But both of these extraordinary writers turned the act of Looking into Prayer.

Let us pray together through their exquisite language for a joy-filled hour and a half via the wonders of technology.

Ginny Agnew, MSLS, JD
Sept 18 (F) 12pm-1:30pm
$35 (Pre-registration required.)
Presented virtually via Zoom

Ginny Agnew, MSLS, JD, is an Austin lawyer, political activist and poet. She leads weekly Seton Cove mindfulness meditation sessions and is a regular presenter at Seton Cove on a variety of subjects that always include laughter. Ginny also works as a reference librarian.


$35.00 Everyone


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