ONLINE: Fear Frenzy: An Integrative Approach to the Impact of Fear on our Health and Wellness and a Discussion of "Internal PPE"

During this time of pandemic, there are great shifts and transitions as well as new and uncovered sources of fear and stress. Whether these fears are rooted in health concerns or financial stability, chronic fear ( putting us in fight, flight or freeze ) does not serve our bodies, minds, souls, communities or world.

A review of the science and practical tools for leveraging our physiology and shifting from having life situations happen to us to having them happen for us. This program will also offer time for an experiential as well as participant sharing.

Dr. Julie Reardon
July 15 (W)
$35 (Pre-registration required)
Presented Virtually via Zoom

Dr. Julie Reardon is a leader in the integrative and functional medicine fields and practices at Lake Travis Integrative Medicine where she offers in person and telemedicine services to support people on their health journey. She also teaches and shares her wisdom with a wide variety of audiences to further her mission of supporting health in mind, body, and spirit. After receiving a Magna Cum Laude degree in Psychology from Harvard University, she completed her medical training at The University of Connecticut School of Medicine. She is a Fellow of the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. She is double board certified in Family and Integrative Medicine.


$35.00 Everyone (virtual)


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