ONLINE: Reclaiming Creativity—Your Spark of the Sacred

“I’m not creative.” “I have two left feet.” “I can’t carry a tune in a paper bag.” “I can’t draw a straight line.”

If you’ve said any of these things about yourself, you’re invited to rethink your conclusions. All of us are creative beings and feel more joy, peace and contentment when we reconnect with this part of our being. 

Bring your voice, a pencil, some crayons or markers and some paper for this experiential workshop that will nudge all of us to reclaim the creativity we’ve misplaced, not developed or just haven’t made time for. No experience (except life) needed.

Beverly Voss, LCSW
Sept 11 (F)
$35 (Pre-registration required.)
Presented virtually via Zoom

Beverly Voss, LCSW, is a poet, artist, and retired psychotherapist. Her 35 years of work with adult survivors of trauma led her to look deeply at how creativity can help the healing process and sustain the mental health of caregivers. She teaches wellness workshops that address compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. As a writer/artist, she also teaches Creative Journaling and leads InterPlay groups. InterPlay is a joyful, creative approach to life that uses improvisational forms—dance, song, storytelling—to enhance the experiences of participants. She particularly enjoys bringing these forms to volunteer work at The Austin Clubhouse and to Texas women’s prisons.


$35.00 Everyone (Virtual)


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Seats Available
Friday, September 11, 2020
Sept 11 (F) 12-1:30pm
Zoom Video Conferencing
3708 Crawford St
Austin, TX 78731
Beverly Voss, LCSW