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mcphee david sloan wilsonDavid Sloan Wilson is trained as an evolutionary biologist and has played an important role in expanding Darwin’s theory beyond the biological sciences to include all aspects of humanity. He is best known for championing Multilevel Selection Theory, which explains how adaptations can evolve—or fail to evolve—at any level of a multi-tier hierarchy, such as from genes to ecosystems in nature and small groups to global governance in human society.

OCTOBER 17 (TH) 7-8:30pm • $60

Steering toward the Omega Point: Managing Cultural Evolution for the Global Good

The scientist and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) coined the term “Omega Point” to refer to a global consciousness that humanity was evolving toward. In a more practical vein, everyone can agree on the need for good governance at a global scale, even if there is widespread disagreement and confusion on how to get there. Wilson will evaluate the prospect for good governance at all scales from a modern evolutionary perspective, including the role of spirituality that makes Teilhard de Chardin’s writing so distinctive and motivating.

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