“Sometimes we need stories more than food to stay alive.” – Karen Dietz

Join me in creating StoryBowls™ to tell your unique story!

I first started creating StoryBowls™ out of a desire to tell my story in a way that I could hold. I found a way to create a form I could hold and it, in turn, could hold my story. I soon found that people were drawn to these objects and found joy in creating them.

Why Story? When we tell our stories we create the possibility of connecting more deeply to ourselves, others and spirit. The telling of our stories builds compassion and healing.

Why Bowls? Bowls are an ancient form that we all relate to. They are forms we have seen all of our lives. They hold and contain nourishment. They nest inside each other. Even our bodies contain bowl structures. They are familiar, comforting vessels.

We will spend two days together exploring six different aspects of our own stories. After journaling you will use your written story to create a StoryBowl™ for each aspect. Each story will nest into the previous story until you have a set of bowls that hold YOU!

Dana Endsley, StoryBowls™
Sep 24 (Sa) 9:30am-5:30pm & Sep 25 (Su) 10am-4pm
$350 Pre-registration required.
Limit 12 people. Brown Bag lunch.

Dana Endsley is an artist, activist, filmmaker, workshop facilitator and bodywork therapist. Her artwork ranges from mixed media painting, paper arts to documentary filmmaking. She combines her years of experience in healing arts with her art to create workshops and retreats that gently guide people deeper into themselves emotionally, spiritually and creatively. She lives in North Carolina.


$350.00 Everyone


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